Honeyed Marriage Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was picked up and placed on the sofa. When she heard Zhou Mengyan’s words, she looked dazed, “You, you…”


He actually said that she acted well? So he saw her improvisation just now?!


Is this man a cat? Why was he so silent when walking? qwq


She was discovered again 〣(Δ)〣


Oh my god.


Feeling the man standing next to the sofa, she recalled her sand sculpture performance just now, she was so scared that she sobered up, she wanted to find a hole to bury herself in, but the top of her head still fell on him and asked, “What am I?”


Ruan Yan: “…”


She doesn’t want to talk anymore.


Zhou Mengyan looked at her for a while, then raised his eyes, looked away, and asked quietly, “Can you go upstairs?”


She was embarrassed and said, “No problem…”


Ruan Yan, supported by the back of the sofa, stood up, and slowly moved to the top of the stairs. The fluffy coco blocked her legs, cleverly preventing her from knocking on the hard furniture.


She moved to the top of the stairs, leaned on the wall, dragged her injured left leg, and walked upstairs step by step.


Her left foot swiftly touches the ground, and her right foot almost bears the weight of the whole body, and each step upward is like a jump.


When she reached the fifth step, she suddenly felt a hand on her waist.


The man steadily picked her up and walked upstairs silently.


Ruan Yan was stunned, half-circling Zhou Mengyan’s neck, her heartbeat pounded against her chest, but when she felt that he was just doing a movement without any motives behind it, her mood quickly calmed down.


It’s nothing to embrace…


Walking into the bedroom, Ruan Yan was put on the bed, and she whispered, “Thank you.”


Zhou Mengyan looked at her and suddenly said quietly, “There is no need to go to such a meaningless party in the future.”




Did he say that after hearing her talking to herself in the living room just now?


“Actually, today’s class reunion was to celebrate the teacher’s birthday, and I didn’t expect the next thing to happen…” She looked down.


“You have to learn to filter some sounds by yourself, so you don’t have to worry about it if they pass your ears.”


Ruan Yan’s heart warmed when she heard the words. This seemed to be the first time she heard Zhou Mengyan’s comforting words?


 “En, I see, I really don’t need to let my mood be affected because of those people.” She smiled.


Being hated by some people who don’t care will not affect her life. It will affect her when she is angry.


After the chat, she got up and walked to the closet, touched the change of clothes, took it out, and went to the bathroom. Zhou Mengyan had planned to arrange for her maid to take a bath, but Ruan Yan refused, saying that she was fine.


For a moment, it won’t be such a big fight.


After taking a shower, she lay back on the bed, listened to Zhou Mengyan go to the bathroom.


Ruan Yan lay on the bed thinking about her heart, and after a while, the man also came out of the bathroom.


The bedside lamp was turned on, Ruan Yan’s eyes were completely dark, and then the mattress next to her sunk. She smelled a faint shower fragrance, which was a different mint smell from her.


She lightly tugged at the quilt and counted that it has been two days since the last time Zhou Mengyan came to pay her communal food*.


T/N: To sleep with her.


Tonight… no?


Shouldn’t it be so fast?


As soon as her thoughts fell, she suddenly felt that her body was caught, and the next moment the man’s body overturned.


Ruan Yan felt that her nightdress was being slid away in the light of the car, and she stammered, “That… I…”


Zhou Mengyan looked at her with dark eyes: “What’s wrong?”


Ruan Yan tried to find an excuse to stop him, her face was red, “I hurt my foot…”


He understands what she meant!


Who knows that she heard him ask back, “Does this have any effect?”




Zhou Mengyan, “You don’t need to move your left foot.”


 Zhou Mengyan, “Is it all moving?”


 “…” Ruan Yan’s face was red, and she was unable to refute.


Compared to him, she is indeed physically weak, and men seem to have endless energy.


She was exhausted everywhere.


The nightgown was taken off and left on the corner of the bed. Zhou Mengyan watched her long black hair draped over her snow-white skin, and the two were close to each other. He could even trace her exquisite curves with his body. Clothes are scattered all over the place.


The room was dim.


His hot fevered kiss fell, and he gnawed and bit her delicate tender skin, Ruan Yan grabbed his shoulders, couldn’t help but whimper, and gradually confused as a cell phone ringtone suddenly cut the atmosphere of the room.


The actions of the two suddenly stood firm.


Ruan Yan’s cell phone rang, she panicked and wanted to pick it up, but Zhou Mengyan didn’t let go of the hand that held her, and she couldn’t get the cell phone.




The ringing finally stopped, Ruan Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but it rang again a few seconds later.


Zhou Mengyan: “…”


The man’s face was completely dark.


 “I need to answer the phone…”


Ruan Yan wanted to cry without tears, turned over and took the mobile phone, Zhou Mengyan’s eyes fell on the screen of “Xin Mingzhe”, his eyes darkened.


She opened the screen and heard Xin Mingzhe’s voice on the other end, “Ruan Yan, are you home? I have just finished working on this side. If you don’t worry, I will call to ask.”


Ruan Yan was embarrassed and her cheeks were hot. She didn’t expect that he would call at this time, “I’m home, it’s okay…”


“That’s good, pay attention to your feet these days, walk carefully…”


Ruan Yan suddenly felt that her earlobe was bitten by a warm voice on the other end.


Zhou Mengyan’s heavy breathing fell into her ears, making her subconsciously like a kitten, mewl, and she bit her lip in an instant when she heard Xin Mingzhe’s voice suddenly stop.


Ruan Yan blushed and tried to keep her voice calm, “Xin Mingzhe, I… I have something on my side, so let’s do it first…”


She hurriedly cut off the phone, and the next moment she felt like she was turned over and turned her back to the man.


A few seconds later, his dumb voice fell behind his ears, “Does he know what time it is?”


Ruan Yan realized that he was upset and cried.


She knows that although they have no feelings between them, Zhou Mengyan is particularly possessive as a man in this regard.


His kiss fell on the butterfly bone and pinched her waist very hard, like punishment.


Ruan Yan whimpered, feeling that Zhou Mengyan would never let her go tonight…


On the other side, Xin Mingzhe was sitting in the car, looking at the hung-up page, and frowned when he recalled the sound he had just heard.


He has roughly guessed what happened on the other end of the phone.


Zhou Mengyan must be next to Ruan Yan.


The friend beside him saw Xin Mingzhe’s dark complexion, and sighed helplessly: “As for you, she is someone else’s wife, do you still need to worry about it?”


Xin Mingzhe looked out the window, suppressing the emotions in his heart, and said dumbly, “She didn’t marry him voluntarily.”


He knew that Ruan Yan was forced to do so, otherwise she would never make such a decision.


The friend patted him on the shoulder, “That has nothing to do with you. What do you think you can do? Is it possible that you still want to take her over?”


Xin Mingzhe spoke for a while, “No.”


“Then you……”


“But if they get divorced one day in the future, I will go after her.”


The friend looked at him in shock.


Xin Mingzhe knew that he loved Ruan Yan to his bones.


Even if Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan had this marriage, he would always like her.


He is indeed humble, but for Ruan Yan, he is willing.


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