Honeyed Marriage Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Last night, as Ruan Yan had guessed, Zhou Mengyan finally let her go after one o’clock in the morning.


Ruan Yan didn’t know that a phone call caused Zhou Mengyan’s discomfort. As for her…


She is about to cry.


In the end, Ruan Yan was so tired that her eyelids were drooping and she couldn’t lift up. She hung on the man softly and was carried to the bathroom. After returning to the bed, she soon fell asleep.


Early in the morning, Zhou Mengyan woke up first.


He turned his head to see the red marks on Ruan Yan’s skin beside him, and the shoulder straps slipped off, making it dazzling on her fair complexion.


Last night, he was indeed out of control. He tossed her in several poses, and finally felt distressed that she was really tired, so he stopped.


After washing, Zhou Mengyan left the room, asked the servant to make a cup of coffee, and then went to the study.


He sat on the desk and resumed his work in his mind.


Looking at the plan submitted by the Creative Department last night, the phone rang suddenly, and he picked up the phone to see that it was Teng Heng.


He picked it up with a cold voice, “What’s the matter?”


Teng Heng sighed, “As for you, every time you answer my phone is the same as answering the phone of your enemy? Zhou Mengyan, are you worthy of our friendship for more than ten years?”


“I’ll hang up with one more nonsense.”


Teng Heng snorted, “Okay, just talk about business. Have you seen the cooperation case that our company sent you last time?”


“No problem.”


“Then find a time to talk specifically about it?”


“I let the assistant arrange time.”


 “Ok.” Teng Heng rubbed his chin, remembering the message he received half an hour ago, “By the way, did Zhong Zhanjing send you a message?”




Teng Heng was puzzled. Zhong Zhanjing told all her old friends, but why didn’t she tell Zhou Mengyan?


Zhou Mengyan: “What’s wrong?”


Teng Heng was silent for a few seconds and asked, “Don’t you know, she went back to China yesterday.”




In the morning, Yingying Sun Projection. Entering the tea room, strands of tea fragrance float in the air, leisurely and peacefully.


Zhong Zhanjing watched Bai Xianyi’s slender fingers holding the teapot and dropped it together, revealing the gentleness of being a doctor, and a light smile appeared on her lips, “It feels like making tea in leisure is an art.”


Bai Xianyi picked up a cup and put it in front of her, “Sister Zhanjing, then you will treat this cup as a tea.”


Teng Heng next to him raised his tea cup and smiled at the woman, “Come on, the three of us have a toast. It is to celebrate that Sister Zhan Jing has finally put her career focus back on China. The four of us are finally in Lincheng.”


Four, referring to the three present, and Zhou Mengyan.


The four of them have been friends since high school. Zhong Zhanjing is one year older than them. At that time, she first met Teng Heng in the club and became friends. Only when she was taken, she met his deskmate, Zhou Mengyan, and his brother next door. Bai Xianyi.


In addition, Zhong Zhanjing’s home and the Zhou’s house later became a very good partnership, and their private relationship was also good.


After college, Zhou Mengyan and Zhong Zhanjing went abroad to study separately, and after graduation they studied for graduate school. The four only met every Chinese New Year, but they have kept in touch all these years.


Zhong Zhanjing is capable and independent at work, but gentle and intellectual in daily life, so for Teng Heng and Bai Xianyi, they are more like sisters.


Zhong Zhanjing smiled: “Okay, thank you.”


“By the way, sister… why didn’t you notify Zhou Mengyan? He doesn’t seem to know that you are returning to China.”


The woman paused with her teacup hand, and the corner of her mouth curled slightly, “He should be busy. I was afraid of disturbing him, so I didn’t tell him.”


“Sister, when have you been so polite?” Teng Heng teased.


Zhong Zhanjing rubbed her teacup and asked with a smile, “By the way, Meng Yan was married not long ago. How is his life after marriage? He should be nice to his wife, right?”


 “Come on, don’t you know that they are a business marriage? There is no relationship, Zhou Mengyan knows that he is busy with work all day.”


Zhong Zhanjing frowned, “Then his wife… won’t she be unhappy? And his wife still can’t see, Meng Yan should care about her more?”


“Thinking too much, is Zhou Mengyan a little human? Is he?”


 “Brother Meng Yan is actually very nice to his sister-in-law, and he is not so impersonal.” Bai Xianyi took a sip of tea, “I have seen my sister-in-law, she is very cute and quiet, and she feels like a girl who gets along well.”


“Well, she feels so good, and she went to the countryside to buy Chinese herbal medicine for Zhou Mengyan’s mother.”


Zhong Zhanjing, “This way, it is indeed a person with a good heart, and I really want to know each other.”


“By the way, sister, have you invited Zhou Mengyan to a dinner party?”


“Not yet.”


“Then you still don’t hurry up to call him? Is it possible that you really intend not to call him tonight? He will definitely come no matter how busy he is.”


Zhong Zhanjing took out her cell phone, paused in the air with her hand holding the phone number, and then pressed dial.  The phone rang, she clenched her fist slightly, and the other end suddenly picked up, and a man’s low voice came, “Hey.”


Zhong Zhanjing calmly eased the ups and downs in her heart, and smiled relaxedly, “I told Teng Heng and Xianyi that I would return to China, but I haven’t told you yet.”


“Teng Heng told me, I answered yesterday?” The voice was very weak.


 “Um…” Zhong Zhanjing looked at the two opposite people, “I am with them now. I have a banquet tonight and invited some friends. It’s considered a welcome back banquet for me. Can you come if you have time?  “


There was no answer yet, Zhong Zhanjing added, “Yes, take your wife with you. Except for that wedding, I haven’t seen her in private.”


Teng Heng shouted, “Yes, Zhou Mengyan, you can’t hide your beauty in the old golden house.”


“She is the one I invited. It has nothing to do with you, okay?” Zhong Zhanjing joked.


Zhou Mengyan finally said, “I will ask her.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhong Zhanjing raised her lips to the opposite two, “He should have agreed.”




In the afternoon, Ruan Yan went to do acupuncture according to the schedule.


After acupuncture was over, it was already evening. Just now, she received a call from Zhou Mengyan, saying that he would take her to a banquet tonight. It’s just that he hasn’t finished his work yet, and now she needs to go to the Fan Moni Group to meet him.


Half an hour later, she arrived at the group’s parking lot, went to the Rolls Royce, and found that Zhou Mengyan was already waiting inside.


After setting off, Ruan Yan lowered her head and touched her simple outfit. It felt too everyday and not suitable for attending the dinner party. “Well… do I need to go back and change my evening dress?”


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