Honeyed Marriage Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

The man turned his eyes and glanced at her sober and serene appearance, “No, the dinner is hosted by a friend, and it’s more casual.”




So they were going to see his friends?


Because it is a business marriage, Ruan Yan has never been in contact with Zhou Mengyan’s circle of friends, except for the last time he took her to a hot spring. Perhaps because his friends know that it is a business marriage, there is nothing to pretend in front of them.


She just didn’t know why he wanted to take her tonight.


The car finally reached the destination, a super large river view villa.


The two got out of the car, Ruan Yan held Zhou Mengyan lightly, and she walked through the door.


Arriving at the entrance, Zhong Zhanjing, who was talking with others, turned to see them, froze, said apologetics, and then stepped forward.


 “Hey, I finally waited for you.”


Zhong Zhanjing was dressed in a red dress, with a graceful posture and long hair curled up, like a fairy in the dust.


Ruan Yan heard the sound and only noticed a woman walking towards them, and then stopped in front of them.


Zhong Zhanjing raised her head and looked at the man, with a gentle voice, “Meng Yan, long time no see.”




Seeing his reaction as always, Zhong Zhanjing narrowed her expression, her eyes fell on Ruan Yan’s face next to him, and finally looked at the godless apricot eyes and smiled, “This is Mrs Zhou. We met at the wedding before. My name is Zhong Zhanjing. Do you remember me?”


Ruan Yan is well-known. Recalling that she seemed to be from Teng Heng’s circle, “I am somewhat impressed, Miss Zhong is good.”


 “Finally I can talk a few more words tonight, come on, come in.”


The two were taken inside. Teng Heng and Bai Xianyi also came downstairs at this time. Seeing them, they stepped forward to say hello. Teng Heng said: “Zhou Mengyan, you finally brought your wife out.  Ruan Yan, do you remember me?”


Ruan Yan responded softly: “Well, Brother Teng Heng…”


Zhou Mengyan looked at Teng Heng coldly, and Teng Heng covered his mouth and smirked.


Compared with Zhou Mengyan, Ruan Yan is much more cute!


Five people sat on the sofa, and Teng Heng sighed with emotion, “I remembered our high school time again. At that time, Bai Xianyi and I often went to Sister Zhanjing’s home to play games after school? I felt like her father was about to blast me out.”


Bai Xianyi: “It’s all because you are playing games as good as fighting. Thieves are noisy, and you have to go to other people’s homes to play things rather than in your own home.”


 “Isn’t that sister Zhanjing’s house closest to the school.”


Zhong Zhanjing smiled quietly, “My dad said, you have become a blacklist in our house, and you will go out directly next time you come.”


“By the way, before, Zhou Mengyan basically never played games with us every time after school, really.”


Zhong Zhanjing looked at Zhou Mengyan and smiled faintly, “It’s a waste of time playing games with you. It’s better to learn Mengyan and stay at school to write questions.”


After everyone chatted for a while, Bai Xianyi received a call and walked aside. Teng Heng arrested Zhou Mengyan and went to talk about the cooperation case.


After the three men were gone, Zhong Zhanjing took a glass of red wine to Ruan Yan, and smiled, “Sorry, we talked too vigorously just now, did we neglect you?”


Ruan Yan waved her hand, “No no.”


She can’t wait to be more transparent next to her.


 “Me, Meng Yan, Xianyi, and Teng Heng have known each other for more than ten years. We are all old friends. I only returned to China yesterday.” Zhong Zhan said quietly. “I’m thinking about staying in the country for development in the future  “


Ruan Yan nodded knowingly, Zhong Zhanjing lifted the long hair in her ear and looked at Ruan Yan, “I was shocked when I first heard that Meng Yan was about to get married, but then I heard that you are married.”




“How do you feel after getting married? Does it feel like living with a boring person like him?” she joked.


Ruan Yan thought about it, “It’s okay… he’s very busy.”


Basically, isn’t it all about each other? It’s not a long time to live like years.


“When he was in high school, he was basically studying, and he basically didn’t participate in our entertainment activities.”


“It can be roughly imagined.”


Zhong Zhanjing’s eyes suddenly caught a strawberry print on the back of her neck, startled, shook the wine glass in her hand, and said, “Zhou Mengyan has never talked about a girlfriend.”


“Never talked about it?” Ruan Yan was surprised.


“His vision is very high. Many high school girls chased him, but none of them agreed. I felt that no one in the world would make him move. So I said, I was shocked to hear him get married.”


Zhong Zhanjing said softly to Ruan Yan: “So Miss Ruan, if you don’t have hope for this kind of marriage, you can have a very easy life.”


The implication is that as long as Ruan Yan does not have hope for Zhou Mengyan’s emotions, this kind of rich wife’s life will be very comfortable.


Ruan Yan looked down and nodded, “I know.”


She had no hope in the first place.


“You stay here as you please, I’ll greet other guests, and we will talk later.”




Zhong Zhanjing finished greeting with a few other friends, but walked upstairs.


She saw Teng Heng and Zhou Mengyan chatting on the balcony.


She walked over, and Teng Heng turned her head to see her, “Sister, it’s a coincidence that you are here. We just said that we would invite you to dinner tomorrow. This banquet tonight is not a formal reception.”


 “Save it, it’s too polite, I guess I will start busy working again in a few days.”


“No rest?”


“No way, strong women are more suitable for me.” Zhong Zhanjing’s family is also a luxury luggage brand. She is currently the vice president of the company and is busy at work.


Bai Xianyi on the balcony on the first floor heard the voices of the three people, and raised his head and said, “Teng Heng, come down, and I have something to find you.”


“What’s the matter.”


“You will know when you get down.”


Teng Heng had to leave. Only Zhou Mengyan and Zhong Zhanjing stood on the balcony. The evening wind was quietly blowing on her face. Zhong Zhanjing put her hands on the railing and looked towards the horizon, her complexion softened with the wind, she asked casually, “Will you stay in Lincheng forever?”


“No change in the short term.”


“Is it because of marriage?”


“For the next six months, Fan Moni will focus on the domestic market, and next year may go to other countries as planned.”


She nodded, “I feel you are under a lot of pressure.”


“It’s okay.”


After being silent for a while, Zhong Zhanjing spoke softly, “I thought you wouldn’t consider marriage during the rising period of your career. I didn’t expect you to get married this year. I saw Ruan Yan today and found that her character is very soft and lovely. I thought you would be more accepting of those capable women who are helpful to you in your career.”


Zhou Mengyan looked forward.


 “It really helps.”


Zhong Zhanjing raised the corners of his lips, “This is true.”


Without help, how could he choose to marry?


On the first floor of the villa, Ruan Yan was sitting in her seat, and the waiter stepped forward to deliver the wine. She asked, “Excuse me, can you please take me to the bathroom?”


 “Good lady, please come with me.”


The waiter found that the bathroom on the first floor was occupied, so he took Ruan Yan to the second floor.


Ruan Yan walked to the second floor and stepped on the last step, feeling a cool breeze on the right side entering the room and blowing on her.


Just as she was about to move forward, she heard a female voice outside, the voice of Zhong Zhanjing——


“Zhou Mengyan, if you get the benefits of the marriage, have you ever thought of terminating this contractual marriage?”


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