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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

This was the first time that she had eaten in a stranger’s house she had never seen before and the man sitting opposite was the man who she looked up to and admired.


How could she not be nervous? She breathed lightly, focusing on the food. A few seconds later she silently moved the steak aside and then steered the pasta into her mouth.


She had been inexplicably unaccustomed to eating beef since she was a child because she didn’t like the smell of meat and now since she couldn’t see it, it would be more convenient to eat pasta.


The taste of the pasta was good, but the quantity was not large. In addition to eating less at noon, she can’t fill her stomach at all at the moment…


The dining room was very quiet, so she was so embarrassed that she could only drink corn soup.


When the man on the opposite side raised his eyes to look at her, he found that the pasta on the plate in front of her was gone and the steak seemed almost untouched.


He continued to lower his head to eat his steak.


After a while, she put her fingertips on her hand a few times, touched the water glass and heard the man finally say, “Is blindness caused by a car accident?”


She froze, and quickly replied, “…Yes.”


After the car accident, the hematoma in the eye caused blockage and slight damage to the nerve.


After hearing what she said, Zhou Mengyan took a sip of the red wine and replied, “Then get used to it.” 


In the past month, she has indeed begun to slowly accept the reality of blindness.




Your uncle called me in the afternoon. I have already talked to the school about the beginning of school. You will take a semester off first.”


Ruan Yan is studying finance. It is indeed inconvenient for her to start school like this, otherwise it would only trouble others.


She tried to voice what she was thinking, “Did Uncle say that I will continue…” 


The girl’s voice became smaller and Zhou Mengyan couldn’t hear her, “What?”




She actually wanted to ask where she would live in a few days. After all, she always knew that she couldn’t stay in Zhou Mengyan’s home forever. And if he and Ruan Ling got married, she would have to leave.


But after thinking about it, it was inappropriate to ask Zhou Mengyan this way, it is better to ask my uncle in private.


Looking at her expression, the man seemed to have guessed something, and said in a long while, “Don’t think about others.”


She was startled and had no choice but to nod.



Two days later on the weekend, Assistant Jiang Cheng came to Zhou Mengyan’s villa.


After entering the hallway, the servant led him to the study on the second floor, knocked on the door and entered. There, they saw the man sitting in front of the desk and the French windows next to him showed a bright view of the Lincheng River.


Jiang Cheng stepped forward and handed over the documents in the bag, “Mr Zhou, this is the information you asked for.”


Zhou Mengyan saw the name of “Ruan Yan” on it and put it aside.


“Sit down.”


Jiang Cheng: “I gave the gift to the Ruan family that night. They didn’t see you and were very disappointed.” 


The man looked at the stock market bar graph on the computer, with a lazy expression, “I guess I’m more disappointed than them.”


“You have been very low-key about your return home this time, but the Ruan family helped you with a lot of good publicity.” 


“Ruan Wucheng is ambitious with no ability. Of course, relying on their own power, they carry no weight. “


 “Now everyone is looking at whether you want to make a move,” 


Jiang Cheng, “The Ruan family called me again last night and said they wanted to talk about the marriage. The things they gave came out –

Ruan Wucheng and Feng Zhuang together own 5% of the shares each, plus the position of executive director.”


Zhou Mengyan smiled, “The Ruan family has really lost money.”


Jiang Cheng nodded, “Except for Fan Moni*, they can’t find a decent investor to take over. Moreover, they are very confident that you will definitely consider this marriage, but there is another aspect, because… in the outside world, it has been rumored that you are interested in the second lady of the Ruan family.”


Zhou Mengyan raised his head and looked at him.


The latter recounted what the outside world said about the banquet, including thinking that he was returning to China this time for a marriage. Some even said that Zhou Mengyan was about to arrive in his new year and was unmarried, just waiting for Ruan Ling.


When the man heard the words, his lips curled up.


“The Ruan family has great imagination.”


“Plus the old lady met Feng Zhuang at a jewelry auction in France last year and left her contact information. The Ruan family should also want to impress you through the old lady’s line.”


Indeed, Zhou Mengyan’s mother told him about the marriage before he returned to China.


Zhou Mengyan spoke for a while, “Feng Zhuang is very concerned about her little daughter.”


Jiang Cheng understood what he meant and said with emotion, “Feng Zhuang is cruel and her eldest daughter who has been raised for so many years was driven out. At home, it is estimated that her husband lying in bed may never wake up. She is the master of the house.”


Zhou Mengyan recalled the girl he saw in the heavy rain that night.


He looked at the information Jiang Cheng had brought on the table, “But they didn’t know that Ruan Yan had a weight in her hand.”


A key weight that might change the Ruan family in the future.


T/N: Fan Moni is the name of Zhou Mengyan’s company. I think I made a mistake of writing Van Moni in previous chapters, sorry for the confusion, I’d try to correct it. You can also join our discord, where you can discuss your favourite novels and chat with fellow readers and slaves  staff.

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