Honeyed Marriage Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

After the conversation, Jiang Cheng finally asked, “Mr. Zhou, how should I reply to the Ruan family? Do I directly refuse it for you?”


Jiang Cheng could see that Zhou Mengyan was not interested in this marriage.


The man stood up, walked to the coffee machine, poured coffee beans slowly and then said:


“Make an appointment with the Ruan family tonight. Let’s talk about the marriage.”


Jiang Cheng was stunned. 



In the evening by the doorway, Ruan Ling was sitting on the lobby couch, looking in the mirror from time to time, her palms sweating.


“Mom, it’s almost seven o’clock, why isn’t Zhou Mengyan here yet?”


Feng Zhuang held her hand and Ruan Wucheng on the side spoke first, “He will definitely be here tonight.” Except for Ruan Ling, Feng Zhuang, Ruan Wucheng and his secretary. It is more like a family dinner because they are talking in private.


Feng Zhuang nodded and pulled the broken hair away from her temples, “It’s estimated that he’d be here soon.”


Zhou Mengyan took the initiative to meet tonight, and the other party will never reach out first.


Just one minute after seven o’clock, the box door was pushed open.


The long-awaited face finally appeared in her vision.


The man was tall and straight, with white skin and cold eyes. He was wearing a white shirt and ironed trousers. The trousers were straight and slender and his facial features are as fine and polished as if he were jade.


The Ruan family stood up and Ruan Ling’s heart throbbed as she looked at the man who was even more dazzling than on the phone.


“Mr. Zhou, I’ve been admiring you for a long time-” Ruan Wucheng was the first to step forward and smiled with his hand outstretched.


Zhou Mengyan shook hands with him, “Sorry, Mr. Ruan, the road was blocked and I was delayed.”


“No, no.”


 After Feng Zhuang introduced herself, she quickly said: “This is my daughter, Ruan Ling. Lingling, introduce yourself to Mr Zhou.”


Ruan Ling said, Zhou Mengyan’s gaze stayed on her face, and said: “I have heard of Miss Ling before.”


Doesn’t this prove that the rumor was true?


The three were secretly happy.


After a few simple conversations, they were led into by the waiter.


Entering the box, Ruan Wucheng received a call from work and walked outside.


Feng Zhuang saw this and said, “I’m going to the bathroom, you two can talk first.”


Feng Zhuang gave her daughter a look as she left.


There were only two people left in the box.


Zhou Mengyan picked up the high-quality Longjing he had prepared and tasted it carefully. Ruan Ling felt a little embarrassed when he saw that he didn’t mean to talk to her.


She squeezed the shoulder bag in her hand, hesitated and said with a smile, “Mr. Zhou-“


The man looked at her.


“I saw you on my phone before. It was an interview about you. I admire you very much.” She smiled sweetly.


However, the person on the other side just responded indifferently.


Ruan Ling pursed her lips, and then asked: “Mr. Zhou, have you heard my mother talk about marriage?”


“I’ve heard.”


“Then what do you… what do you think?”


He looked at her, “What do you think?”


“I… I don’t have any problems, and to tell you I also have a good impression of Mr. Zhou…” She smiled, “It’s just that I’m still in school. If you want to get married now, it’s fine, or wait until I graduate from college, it’s all up to you.” 


The man heard this and a smile flashed across his eyes, “Do you like me?”


She froze and nodded her head bravely.


Putting aside all external factors, she, a girl who doesn’t know much about the world, can hardly resist an attractive man like Zhou Mengyan.


There is worship and admiration.  


Moreover, Feng Zhuang told her that there is no need to hide and pretend in front of such a person.


The man did not answer any more.


After Ruan Ling finished speaking, Ruan Wucheng walked in from outside and Feng Zhuang happened to return.


Feng Zhuang, “Mr. Zhou, you can order food first.”




After ordering, everyone chatted, Feng Zhuang intentionally or unintentionally introduced Zhou Mengyan to all aspects of Ruan Ling’s conditions. 


The man listened and suddenly asked, “I heard that Miss Ruan Ling has a sister?” 


All those present were stunned. 


Feng Zhuang said, “Yes, there is a sister.”


“Why didn’t that sister come? ” 


“Because… she recently was not well, she had to stay at home.”


Zhou Mengyan put down the cup and leisurely looked at them, “If she did not come, some things can not seem to be talked about. “


Ruan Ling stared, stunned.


 Feng Zhuang: “It’s okay, it’s a matter between you and Lingling. It won’t be a problem if she’s absent.”


The man chuckled, “She is one of the parties, how is it not a problem?”


The other people present: “Party?!”


Zhou Mengyan leaned on the back of the chair, with his legs folded and looked up at the surprised three, “I think you have misunderstood.”


“I agree to marry, but the marriage partner is not Ruan Ling, but the other daughter of your Ruan family, Ruan Yan.”


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