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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

When the man said this, the three members of the Ruan family were shocked.


“With Ruan Yan?! Mr. Zhou, you want to marry Ruan Yan?!” Feng Zhuang wondered if she had heard it wrong.


The man saw their astonishment in full view, his face was indifferent, “Is there a problem?”


“I promised to marry the Ruan family, isn’t Ruan Yan from the Ruan family?”


Ruan Ling’s face was dull, her head buzzing. She looked at her mother in a panic. Feng Zhuang opened her mouth and tried to calmly explain, “Mr. Zhou, I don’t think you know one thing.”




“Ruan Yan got blind in a car accident some time ago. She is now a disabled person with limited mobility. If Mr. Zhou really wants to marry her, it will not sound good to say it, right?”


Feng Zhuang almost yelled, why Ruan Yan? In other words, normal people don’t want to marry her, let alone the unattainable Zhou Mengyan?


Ruan Wucheng also agreed, “Mr. Zhou, of course we hope that the marriage is as mutually beneficial and win-win as possible. This is also your lifelong event. Lingling is better than Ruan Yan in all aspects. I hope you will consider it again?”


The man looked at their expressions as they tried to persuade him, and his calm expression smiled:


“You don’t seem to have the strength to negotiate terms with me.”



Soon after Zhou Mengyan walked out of the box, there was a voice behind him, someone calling. “Mr. Zhou.”


He turned around and saw Ruan Ling chasing after him, tears on her face.




Ruan Ling’s eyes rolled with tears, she loosened her bite on her lower lip, her voice choked, “Mr. Zhou, don’t you have a good impression of me? Someone said you were at a banquet and expressed interest in me, so I wanted to ask you am I not good enough? Am I not better than Ruan Yan?”


Why, she can’t even compare to her blind sister?


Zhou Mengyan would rather marry Ruan Yan than marry her?!


The man put one hand in his pocket and looked at her, only coldness remained in his eyes.


“Miss Ruan doesn’t know that rumors are not credible?”


“Before you say something, please weigh yourself.”


Ruan Ling was stunned.


In the box, Feng Zhuang was furious. She looked at Ruan Wucheng who didn’t expect this result. “Big brother, what is going on? Is it possible that we gave Zhou Mengyan so much benefit and finally he wants to marry Ruan Yan? This is absolutely impossible!”


Feng Zhuang was not willing to give her own benefits to Ruan Yan who is not her daughter!


Ruan Wucheng furrowed his eyebrows, his face was full of irritation, “But if Zhou Mengyan doesn’t help Ruan family, there is really no way.”


Now the two roads are in front of them, what choice do they have?


Feng Zhuang was angry, “It’s not that Ruan Yan did something behind my back, right? What can she do as a blind woman? Zhou Mengyan must be crazy!”



At nine o’clock in the evening, Ruan Yan took a shower and felt like throughout the whole day she had just stayed in the bedroom, which was really boring, so she came out for some fresh air.


Zhou Mengyan was not at home tonight so she ate alone. She walked straight from the room to the living room on the second floor. The whole floor seemed very quiet. She didn’t know if the man had returned yet or if he had already gone to bed.


When she walked to the living room, she slowly sat down on the sofa, the window leading to the balcony was open, so the wind came in, bringing a burst of coolness, but it was more comfortable than the air-conditioned room.


She leaned on the sofa and relaxed slightly, because she hadn’t had a good rest for a long time, her sleepiness quickly returned.


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