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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

A black car drove into the parking garage of the villa.


Zhou Mengyan got out of the car and took the direct elevator to the second floor. When he got out of the elevator, he saw a person sitting in the living room.


He stepped forward, and then saw clearly on the sofa, Ruan Yan curled up slightly, still in a semi-defensive state, with her eyes closed and her white porcelain face fast asleep.


He didn’t know what she was dreaming about but she suddenly wrinkled her eyebrows and whispered softly:




His eyes fell on her face.


After a while, Ruan Yan woke up from a light sleep.


She was half awake and didn’t notice anything wrong. She leaned forward and touched the phone on the coffee table. After feeling for a long time wondering why she could not find it, she suddenly heard a low male voice:


“The phone is on the sofa.”


Ruan Yan thought that she was alone in the living room then a male voice suddenly appeared. She almost jumped up in fright. After two seconds, she realised it was Zhou Mengyan’s voice. “Mr. Zhou?!”


Zhou Mengyan asked quietly, looking at the expression on her face, “Are you scared?”


Ruan Yan: More than scared, she was almost scared into cardiac arrest QAQ.


She felt a little bit relieved and when she checked herself out of state, she immediately stood up with a serious face, “Mr. Zhou, you are looking for me. Is there anything…”


 The man recalled how sleepy she was just now and then felt that she was not suitable for discussing business matters, so he said, “There is something, but it’s late, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”


So there is something he wanted to ask her?


Ruan Yan was too embarrassed to ask more, and nodded, “…Okay.”



Ruan Yan returned to the room, and even after one night, she was confused, thinking about what Zhou Mengyan wanted to say to her.


Does he want her to move out of here? Or did her uncle tell him something?


After thinking for a long time and having breakfast the next day, the servant came to inform her, “Miss Ruan, Mr Zhou asked me to take you to the study.”


Three minutes later, Ruan Yan finally sat in the study with various guesses. In front of the desk and in front of her sat Zhou Mengyan.


The man crossed his fingers and looked at her blank expression, “Ruan Yan, have you heard about the marriage of the Zhou family to the Ruan family before?”


Ruan Yan froze.


Why did he mention the marriage?


She answered truthfully, “I’ve heard… Did you marry Ruan Ling?”


“Why me and Ruan Ling?” He asked suddenly.


She stayed for a while.


What does that mean?


If not him and Ruan Ling. Then who else?


What a weird question to ask…  


The man was silent for two seconds before he picked up a tablet in front of his desk and put it in front of her, “This is a document that can be read via screen voice, take a look at the file.”


Her heart is increasingly more confused. She took the tablet, clicked it, and heard the female voice broadcast-


“Prenuptial agreement.”




“Party A: Zhou Mengyan. Party B: Ruan Yan.”


Her fingertips on the tablet suddenly shook and her heart shook as well.




Zhou Mengyan looked at her shocked look. After a long time, he finally spoke quietly, “Ruan Yan, you are the marriage partner of the Zhou family and the Ruan family.”


Ruan Yan: ?!


Did she hear correctly?


“I never said I wanted to marry Ruan Ling. It was not her from the beginning.”


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