I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 1

Edited By Nyx

It was only five minutes before the train departure and Ning Wan was running while dragging her big and small bags to catch the train.

As a lawyer, she should always remain calm and should not have such an out of breath moment. However, it had been too long since Ning Wan returned to her hometown. So before she left, her mom couldn’t help stopping her to say a few more advice which almost made her miss the train.

Fortunately, Ning Wan wore a casual pullover shirt, jeans and a pair of white sneakers which made it easier to run.

It’s the peak where everyone went home for Chinese New Year, so the economy class was sold-out. The seat she booked this time was first class and the price almost doubled. Fortunately, after boarding the train, the spacious aisle and the quiet atmosphere still somewhat relieved Ning Wan’s bleeding heart. Although she sounded like a big time lawyer, her income was not high.

She placed her big suitcase on the luggage rack in front and found her seat according to the ticket number. The first class had only two seats on each side and Ning Wan’s seat was located on the aisle side incidentally. The passenger who was her seatmate was already in his seat.

A particularly handsome man who was not easy to forget just after a glance.

The space between the front and the back of the first class seat was actually very spacious, but the man’s legs were slightly bent. Ning Wan felt that the first class was also a little bit cramped, his legs were too long.

He was leaning against the window, wearing a suit which was obviously expensive, and casually staring out of the window. He seemed to be indifferent to everything around him. The passengers had the gleeful expression shown on their faces but he seemed to be an isolated island completely away from the crowd. He was seemingly enjoying this rare moment of quietness.

Ning Wan had to admit that the man’s appearance was very outstanding. She could only see his side view from this angle but it was enough to make her take a second look.

Maybe this second look was too obvious. The man turned his head and his eyes met Ning Wan’s.

This time, Ning Wan saw his face completely. Objective evaluation: Better than the side view and was enough to make her look at him a third time.

It was just that he wasn’t Ning Wan’s type. She didn’t like this kind of excessive indifference. She always felt that people with this expression were too indifferent, aloof and remote.


The train was about to depart. Ning Wan took out the coffee in the paper bag and her laptop from the bag. The benefits of the first class seat finally manifested. It at least ensured that she had a quiet environment for managing work mails.

She just didn’t expect that this silence would be broken soon.

The seat in front had a dispute.

A middle-aged woman with a fierce expression was seated in front of her and a girl, who was panting, stood in the aisle and said to the middle-aged woman, “Auntie, this seat is really mine. You are really sitting in the wrong seat. Look, this is my ticket…”

“Don’t show me any ticket. Who knows if your ticket is fake? Besides, I arrived earlier and sat before you so it’s naturally mine”

The girl became anxious, “I was sitting here just now, I even put my baggage on the luggage rack. I just went to the toilet but you occupied my seat.”

Unfortunately, no matter how she explained, the middle-aged aunt just ignored her.

Please read at least first 4 chapters before forming any opinion. Chapters are split in translations so they might feel short.

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