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I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 2

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The little girl seemed to be a college student returning to college. She didn’t expect to encounter such an unreasonable person so she quickly called the train attendant for help. Unfortunately, the train attendant’s repeated polite communication had no effect.


The middle-aged woman made up her mind to be a debt dodger. She collapsed in her seat defiantly with a fearless expression, “I am old. I have heart disease and high blood pressure. You are still young, can’t you even do this much for me? Now-a-days young ones are not as polite and modest as before. They don’t even know how to give up their seat to an middle-aged woman. How can you be so thick skinned? If you don’t give me this seat and I meet with a mishap, will you compensate for the loss? Can you afford it?!”


The middle-aged woman became hysterical and began yelling, “Do you want to kill me?! If I die of a heart attack, I will never let you off if I turn into a ghost!”


The train attendants could only persuade her, “Madam, passenger trains are seated according to ticket number. If you continue to act like this, we will have to blacklist you from our services for half a year. You will even be subject to administrative detention.”


This turned out to be not good, as soon as the attendant reprimanded, the middle-aged woman became even more arrogant, “Are you threatening me? Don’t give me that nonsense. The last thing I fear in my life is argument. You are grumbling so much but can you hit me? You will blacklist me? Do it! Anyway, I don’t have to go anywhere by train for half a year. I will continue to do so after half a year! You can’t do anything!”


The middle-aged woman didn’t seem to have enough so she pointed at the little girl and shouted, “Let me tell you that I will take this in future too. If you buy this seat again, you will be unlucky!”


Although passenger trains had security officers and train attendants, they could only persuade such arrogant and unreasonable people. After all, they were already sitting on the seat. Even if they wanted to take coercive measures, it was difficult for the security to drag people away from their seats.


The little girl also tried to fight for her rights and interests, “Auntie, I’m a law student. If you act like this…”


This middle-aged woman directly interrupted the little girl, “Don’t talk to me about the law, the law is a fart! The law is s̲h̲i̲t̲! Can the law make me give this seat to you? Still studying law? Are you great at studying law? I don’t think you can even find a job in the future!”


At the moment, the train was full and it was impossible to find another seat for the girl. Seeing that the girl was anxious and about to cry, Ning Wan couldn’t take it anymore.


She pulled her hair back, stood up, and then interrupted the middle-aged woman with righteous words, “Auntie, please stop talking!” She cleared her throat and continued, “As a lawyer, I can’t see you doing such a thing!”


Not only did the auntie stop, the little girl looked at Ning Wan expectantly. The train attendant was also relieved. Even Ning Wan’s indifferent, handsome neighbor, who had been looking out of the window, was slightly surprised by her words and turned his head to look at Ning Wan.


Please read at least first 4 chapters before forming any opinion. Chapters are split in translations so they might feel short.


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