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I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 3

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At this moment, Ning Wan attracted a lot of attention. She seemed to appear on a stage that was already prepared for her. The lights were in place, the dancers were in position, the music was all set up, and the script was ready. She only had to make her debut as a protagonist and perform a show that used law as a weapon and bring the lawbreakers to justice. The plot would be like—she would slap the crazy villain, like this middle-aged lady, and make all the repressed public, who were bullied by her, happy!

Ning Wan took a deep breath under everyone’s eyes, which were filled with expectation and trust, and then looked at the middle-aged lady. She said in a domineering voice, “Auntie, I want to tell you something!”

Aura 100 points, posture 100 points, domineering voice 100 points!

Everyone was staring at Ning Wan as if waiting for her to say, “Your behavior is against the law.” However, it was a pity that…

Ning Wan suppressed her ego and then returned to the merciless reality. Her expression continued to change under everyone’s expectation. She changed her expression from serious to smiling and looked at the old lady, “Auntie, what I want to say is that, the law really can’t make you give up your seat!”




Thus, the stage collapsed, the lighting engineer broke his leg by falling, the dancers ran away, and the music equipment broke down. Ning Wan’s character immediately turned from protagonist to a vicious villain’s nameless lackey…

However, she didn’t care about the attention garnered on her. She just smiled and said to the middle-aged lady, “Auntie, you’re really right. The law is really useless. Law is a profession with the lowest employment rate. Even if you managed to get employed, the income is still very low. My mother wasn’t as far sighted as you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have studied law.”

Ning Wan looked really sad, “Unfortunately, I didn’t meet anyone like auntie who could wake me up from my delusions at that time.”

No one expected this kind of development at all. Even the auntie who was just flattered and praised by Ning Wan did not expect this. She frowned and looked at Ning Wan inexplicably, “Didn’t you just tell me not to talk anymore? And you can’t bear it anymore?”

Ning Wan gave a bleak smile, “Auntie, I just said that because I think what you said was too reasonable. The law is really nothing and useless. Your words are completely true. I don’t want to face the bloody facts. Listening to them makes me feel pained so I don’t want you to continue talking. I don’t want you to continue to wake me from my beautiful dream…”


She flattered the middle-aged woman and then changed her tone again, “Auntie, don’t lower yourself to this students’ level. They haven’t experienced society yet. They don’t know how reasonable your words are. Only someone with your behavior can survive in this society.”

The middle-aged woman, who was hysterical just now, obviously had some emotional and even mental problems. Everyone’s reasoning just stimulated her further. It was Ning Wan’s words which calmed her down.

Ning Wan saw that the other party’s emotions were a little more stable so she took advantage of the situation and immediately said, “However, auntie, you’d better give this seat back to the student.” She didn’t give the middle-aged woman time to answer and went on, “Look, her seat number is No. 4 which is ominous and brings bad luck. Take a look at her, she is most likely a obstinate student. If you don’t give her this seat, she will pester you all the way. How about you return this seat to her and take mine? I will give my seat to you.”

Please read at least first 4 chapters before forming any opinion. Chapters are split in translations so they might feel short.

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