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I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 4

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The old lady rolled her eyes and looked at the reluctant female student, who was standing beside her. She felt that Ning Wan made sense. If she didn’t give up her seat, this girl would continue to stand by her side and haggle which was annoying enough. Now someone was offering her seat, wasn’t that good?


After a moment of consideration, she gave it up and walked to Ning Wan. Ning Wan looked at the student, who was stupidly still, and a little annoyed, she said,  “Didn’t you make her leave? Why are you not sitting yet!”


The girl glared at Ning Wan and whispered, “You are a shame to the legal profession!” After that, she sat down on her seat.


Ning Wan didn’t care about these scorns. No matter what, the old lady gave up her seat.


Just when the old lady stood beside her and waited for Ning Wan to honor her promise and give up her seat, Ning Wan sat back down.


The old lady was a little surprised, “Didn’t you say you will give your seat to me?”


Ning Wan continued to laze in her seat and said, “I won’t let it go.”




She said in a rogue-like tone just like how this old lady did a while ago, “My waist suddenly got sore so I don’t want to give up my seat anymore. Anyway, this seat is originally mine.”


The old lady’s expression changed suddenly and she finally reacted, “You…you just lied to me! You deceive me of my seat! You little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”


Ning Wan was too lazy to pay attention to her. She only said to the stunned flight attendants and the securities who stood on the side, “Now that she has got up from her seat, can you now take her away?”


The seat occupied by the old lady earlier was close to the window. If they wanted to drag her away, it would also affect the passengers sitting in the aisle. If the other party refused to cooperate, it was indeed quite difficult to pull a person from that seat. But now that she was standing up, it was more convenient for the securities and flight attendants to take her away.




As soon as the old lady left, Ning Wang just planned to enjoy a moment of peacefulness but her mobile phone rang before she savored it. Ning Wan glanced at the number. It was Director Ji of the Yuelan Society Working Committee.


She was currently a community lawyer in Yuelan. After seeing Director Ji’s phone call, Ning Wan had a hunch that things were going to be meddlesome.


(T/N: Community lawyer provides legal services to the general public for free and gets remuneration from the law firms. Law firms get some benefits from the government in the form of subsidy, tax exemption, etc.)


Her premonition did indeed come true. Just as the call was connected, the hurried voice of Director Ji sounded, “Ning Wan, Zhang Zichen ran away!”


‘Ran away, again?!’


Ning Wan’s heart suddenly thumped, “How did it happen?”


“My family was busy buying things in preparation for Chinese New Year, and they forgot to monitor him if he’s taking his medication for the past two days. Someone in the neighborhood secretly set off firecrackers which scared him and triggered his illness, causing him to run away. After checking the surveillance video at the gate of the district, we only came to know that he ran to the west but we didn’t know where exactly.”
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