I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 8

Edited By Nyx & Adrian



“Can people with mental problems even pass the judicial examination?”


“I don’t think so…” After listening to Fu Zheng’s experience, Gao Yuan objectively commented, “Generally speaking, people with mental problems have a difficult time passing the judicial examination, as their capability to think logically is pretty limited. I think the woman who was next to you likely went crazy from the joy of passing the judicial examination. Don’t you know Fan Jin? The moment he got his lawyer’s certificate, he went crazy because of intense emotions.”


“That’s most likely the case.” Fu Zheng felt that what he said made sense.


Gao Yuan suddenly thought of something and then looked at Fu Zheng teasingly, “There are a lot of beautiful women in this city. Did you see any beautiful women along the way today?”




He did meet one who was beautiful, but she had too many mental problems.


“Don’t worry about it. Now go up and see Ning Wan. She is the most beautiful woman in our law firm. She is so beautiful that she doesn’t even need makeup.”




On the other hand, Ning Wan, who was called a beauty, was carrying her bags. If she heard Gao Yuan’s words, she probably would have scoffed at him. What about being beautiful? Could she eat it?


Today everyone was returning back to work after the new year holiday. She waited for 20 minutes in the cold wind without makeup, making her face turn pale from the cold. When she finally got into a taxi, she didn’t even have time to take a breather when even more bad news arrived.


Ning Wan received a call from Chen Shuo, “Senior sister, I can’t come to the community to help you.”


Ning Wan frowned, “What’s the matter?”


Chen Shuo was Ning Wan’s senior high school classmate and he also majored in law. However, his university was much better than Ning Wan’s. It was ranked first in China. After graduation, it was quite a coincidence that he also entered the Zhengyuan Law firm with Ning Wan. Naturally, his treatment and development in the institute were much better than Ning Wan because of his academic background.


Generally, lawyers had no interest in grassroot communities. Ning Wan was actually ignored before being assigned to take charge of the legal affairs of the contracted community. However, she didn’t know what was going on with Chen Shuo. He just said that he would like to go to the grassroots level for experience, so he took the initiative to apply. In reality, he wanted to help out Ning Wan.


“It was already agreed that I would come help you this year, but I don’t know what happened. Today, I was suddenly informed that I didn’t need to come anymore. The Institute arranged a new employee to come to the community, which was personally decided by Senior Gao.”


Chen Shuo was in a bad mood. Ning Wan was also not happy. Chen Shuo was enthusiastic, proactive, and reliable. Ning Wan was looking forward to his arrival to the community, but now…


“What is the background of this paratrooper?”


(T/N: ‘Paratrooper’ means someone who pops up out of nowhere.)


“I don’t know. I just heard that he is a Juris Doctor who graduated from a prestigious American college and is not young. He came to our institute this year to apply for the certificate and is still in the internship period. He has to work in the Yuelan community for only three months.”


(T/N:  ‘Juris Doctor degree’ is a graduate-entry professional degree in law. You can read more about Juris Doctor Here.)


He didn’t have any law experience in China so he needed practical experience urgently. In the end, he squeezed into the grassroots community. He would only have to work for three months. This was obviously a person who didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to fatten up his resume.
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