I Advise You To Like Me As Soon As Possible Chapter 9

Edited By Nyx & Adrian

Community lawyers generally made less money than other lawyers, but it wasn’t that no one coveted this title. It was just like applying for a foreign prestigious college. Beside having a perfect GPA, you must have some extracurricular activities that demonstrate a sense of social responsibility.


Many lawyers who sought fame would readily sign up to become community lawyers. These people didn’t do actual work and just wanted that title on their resume. They threw all the real work to their fellow lawyers.


However, in the future, they would show their resume proudly to show that they were a responsible lawyer who didn’t care about money. There were also people who just regarded their experience in the community as working in a NGO.


That person had graduated from a prestigious American college. One must know that almost all good law schools in the United States were private. The tuition for a year was unimaginable and Juris Doctor would take another three years. This person was likely to be a young master or someone related to a young master. It was the type of person Ning Wan hated the most.


“What’s the name?”


“Fu Zheng.”


“Okay, Fu Zheng, right? He is screwed. After three months, the grass on his grave will be three feet tall. I will make him give up in three days.” Ning Wan cracked her knuckles. “Let me show him some care.”


Want to fatten up your resume under my nose? You must be dreaming! This kind of person only has one ending under my hands—


Die for me!




When Ning Wan hurried back to the community, Director Ji of the Social Work Committee was already waiting at Ning Wan’s desk with a smile on his face.


Ning Wan looked at him, “Has Zichen been found?”


“That’s right. I found him and sent him to the hospital for treatment.” Director Ji squinted at Ning Wan and added, “I know, I know, this is thanks to you. I won’t let you work in vain.” After he finished speaking, he magically took out a big box of steaming fried chicken from behind his back, “Your favorite, eat it while it’s hot.”


Director Ji, who was in his early 40s, was the head of the Yuelan Social Work Committee. He managed six social work communities from Phase I to Phase VI of the Yuelan district. Because the head office of the Social Work Committee was in the building next to the community lawyer’s office, he and Ning Wan were familiar with each other. Ning Wan called him Old Ji on weekdays.


(T/N: ‘Old’ is a prefix used to indicate affection or familiarity.)


After Old Ji ‘offered’ the fried chicken, he went back to his office to work and Ning Wan was left alone in the community lawyer’s office. In order to catch the train, she didn’t have time to eat. As no one was here at the moment, she simply picked up the chicken leg. While chewing on a chicken leg, she turned on her computer and looked through the legal disputes and consultations accumulated during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).


When she heard the footsteps at the door, she was holding a half eaten chicken leg in her mouth. After wiping her hands carelessly, she was typing rapidly to reply to the legal consultation of the community residents. Almost as soon as she heard the footsteps approaching, Ning Wan skillfully put the box of fried chicken on the table and the chicken leg in her mouth into the drawer. Then she adjusted her sitting posture and put on her most professional elite attitude, ready to meet the first customer of the new year.


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