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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 101

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Ye Zhi nodded, “I’ll try it.”


Ye Zhi took the dress and went into the changing room. When she tried on the dress, a few assistants helped her. Some of them arranged the skirt, some helped her adjust the waistline.


When Ye Zhi came out in her dress, Gu Ren sat there with his long legs crossed.


Ye Zhi looked in the mirror. She stared into Gu Ren’s eyes from the mirror and asked, “How is it?”


Somehow, she was suddenly nervous.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi from the mirror. His eyes, which were dark like ink, glowed slightly like they were drunk.


Gu Ren stood up and walked to Ye Zhi with his long legs. As he approached Ye Zhi, he put a hand in his pocket lazily and tilted his head to look at her.


Gu Ren stopped just behind Ye Zhi and leaned down suddenly.


Gu Ren was still staring at Ye Zhi through the mirror. He suddenly smiled. His voice sounded a bit meaningful at the end, “Do you want to know my answer?”


The sound was so close it seemed that it was said beside her ear.


Ye Zhi nodded.


Gu Ren straightened his body. He didn’t speak and his dark eyes continued to stare at Ye Zhi. He had an unclear expression on his face.


During the time when Gu Ren was silent, Ye Zhi felt very nervous. Although It was only a few seconds, she felt as if it’s been ages.


Gu Ren’s eyes swept over Ye Zhi’s face. Those bright and beautiful facial features, delicate collarbone, slender waist… made her so unique.


Gu Ren’s eyes glowed a bit as he slowly uttered two words, “Very beautiful.”


A charming smile tugged on the corners of Gu Ren’s lips as he continued, “No one is more suitable for this dress than you.”


Ye Zhi suddenly didn’t dare to look at Gu Ren and hummed softly.


Store manager, “This dress is very picky. Several celebrities have fancied it before, but after they tried it on, it didn’t suit them.”


However, when Ye Zhi put it on, it seemed as if a picture with the most elaborate depiction had been unfolded. It had no imperfections what so ever.


When Ye Zhi was trying on the dress upstairs, a sound suddenly came from the first floor, which was a little noisy.


A car stopped in front of the store and several people alighted from it. The group was led by a female celebrity named Yue Ling. Her lips were painted red and she wore a black sunglasses.


Yue Ling’s ensemble were all famous brands, paired with very thin high heels on her feet, she walked toward the store surrounded by several assistants.


Although the sunglasses covered the upper half of Yue Ling’s face, one could still see her haughty expression.


She raised her chin, as if to remind others of her identity.


After Yue Ling entered the store, she raised her hand and took off her sunglasses proudly. Without even looking at the assistant, she handed over her sunglasses to the side.


The assistant immediately reached out and took the sunglasses.


There was no one on the first floor of the store. When the shop assistant saw Yue Ling, she came up and greeted her. Yue Ling said directly, “I want to try the latest dress here.”


She often purchased high-end dresses here. The clothes here had a strong sense of design. As soon as she heard that the latest dresses had arrived, she immediately came here.


Shop assistant said, “Miss, I’m sorry, we won’t be entertaining any guests today.”


Yue Ling originally held her chin high. Hearing this, she finally glanced at the shop assistant and her gaze swept over the shop assistant from top to bottom. After that, she suddenly laughed sarcastically, “Are you new here?”


The shop assistant was stunned. Yue Ling pushed aside her big curly hair and glanced at the clerk, “Do you know who I am?”

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