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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 102

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Yue Ling, “Why can’t I buy the latest dress?”


The store assistant took a deep breath, “A customer has already chosen the latest dress.”


“Sorry, you can only choose other dresses.”


Yue Ling sneered a few times.


She glanced at her assistant, the assistant immediately understood her intention and said, “Let me remind you that my employer spends millions of dollars on your brand every year.”


Yue Ling slowly sat on the sofa, looked at her nails proudly and just let her assistant praise her.


Yue Ling raised her hand and looked at her new manicure under the light with a cold expression.


Assistant, “Do you know how famous she is in China?”


Yue Ling was an actor with a sweet and innocent appearance. She had played several popular dramas in recent years and her popularity had suddenly increased.


She was a B-lister now and was very close to being an A-list celebrity. Naturally, she would not look at others.


The clerk knew about Yue Ling’s temperament. Yue Ling had come to the store to purchase dresses several times, but her attitude was not amiable. However, since she was a customer, everyone was patient with her.


The store assistant was in a tough spot and could only say, “Sorry, the dress has indeed been picked and we won’t entertain guests today.”


Yue Ling suddenly asked, “Who fancied the latest dress?”


Originally, she just wanted to see how the latest dress looked and it wasn’t necessary for her to buy it. However, this store assistant was unable to differentiate good from bad and repeatedly forced her to back down.


She was really curious. Who was the person buying the dress?


Store assistant said, “Sorry, this is a customer’s privacy so I can’t disclose it.”


Yue Ling continued to look at her nails and said dismissively, “Well, you tell her my identity and ask her if she would like to give me this dress.”


Yue Ling added, “By the way, please help me convey one more sentence so that she doesn’t overestimate her capabilities. The dress should be worn by someone who deserves it.”


The more someone tried to snatch her thing, the more it would arouse her possessiveness. She didn’t want to let the other party get this dress.


She also believed that if that person knew her identity, that person would admit defeat.


Her assistant looked at the store assistant and asked, “Do you know what to do?”


Ye Zhi was still trying on the dress and Gu Ren was still sitting while looking at her. At this moment, some noise suddenly came from downstairs as if someone was creating trouble.


At this time, a store assistant came up and helplessly looked at the store manager, “Store manager, Yue Ling has come.”


The store assistant glanced at Ye Zhi and said, “She insists on taking this dress from Miss Ye.”


The store manager frowned. She could see that this dress was very suitable for Ye Zhi. When compared, Ye Zhi overshadowed Yue Ling in an instant.


As a manager, she certainly hoped that a dress could meet the owner who was most suitable for it. So that it could not only highlight the dress’s beauty to the greatest extent, but also enhance the brand awareness.


Obviously, Ye Zhi was the most suitable person.


Moreover, Ye Zhi came first to the store. She had already chosen this dress long ago and was still trying it on. Yue Ling herself was a step late and her attitude was also very arrogant which made the store manager somewhat unhappy.


This dress was destined to belong to Ye Zhi.


Gu Ren looked at the clerk and said in a low voice, “Didn’t you tell her that this dress already has an owner?”


Store assistant, “I did say it, but Yue Ling insisted on taking this dress and refused to give in.”

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