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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 103

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“Yue Ling also said that Ms. Ye should not overestimate herself. After she learned of her identity, she will take the initiative to give her this dress.”


Gu Ren frowned and said in a cold voice, “She is the one who is overestimating herself.”


Gu Ren knew Yue Ling. She was an artist in the same company as him. Yue Ling usually acted very arrogantly, but now she actually dared to provoke Ye Zhi.


Gu Ren had already owned shares in his agent company and an idea suddenly occurred to him.


Ye Zhi felt that Yue Ling’s words were a little offensive and asked Gu Ren, “Who is Yue Ling?”


Gu Ren’s face showed a bit impatience, “We are in the same company, and her contract seems to be expiring soon.”


The underlying meaning was that if Ye Zhi was upset, their company would not renew her contract.


Gu Ren took out his mobile phone and was about to dial the number of a person who was a senior member of the company. As long as he called, the company would not renew the contract with Yue Ling.


When Ye Zhi saw it, she suddenly raised her hand and gently covered Gu Ren’s hand. She looked at Gu Ren and said, “Forget it.”


Gu Ren’s body suddenly froze. There was a cold touch on the back of his hand, like the cold frost in midsummer.


Gu Ren lowered his eyes and glanced at the slender white fingers covering the back of his hand. Her fingers were spotlessly white, slender and tender, glowing with snow-white luster under the light.


It’s like a flawless work of art.


Gu Ren suddenly felt a bit itchy in his throat. His gaze shifted and his eyes slowly fell on Ye Zhi’s face.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren and shook her head, “No need to do this. We don’t have to care about her.”


Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi for a few seconds and then lowered his head slightly. He glanced at Ye Zhi’s hand several times before withdrawing his gaze.


By this time, Gu Ren’s mobile phone had already dialed the number and the voice of the senior member came from the speaker, “Gu Ren, what’s the matter?”


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi, and Ye Zhi shook her head gently at him.


Gu Ren didn’t speak. The mobile phone was on his ears and his eyes were on Ye Zhi. The person’s doubtful voice came from the phone, “Gu Ren? Are you listening?”


Gu Ren still did not speak.


Since dialling the number and even after the call was connected, Gu Ren’s black eyes kept looking at Ye Zhi, unmoving.


Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi for a few more seconds before he faintly said, “Nothing, I am hanging up.”


Gu Ren didn’t look at the mobile phone and just ran his finger across the screen and hung up.


Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi and handed the mobile phone over to her. He then raised his eyebrows and motioned her to look at the phone.


Ye Zhi took a look and found that the mobile phone’s screen went dark, indicating that the call was hung up.


Ye Zhi raised his eyes and looked at Gu Ren. Gu Ren’s mouth opened and his low voice sounded, “I listened to you.” And hung up.


Ye Zhi smiled.


Ye Zhi lowered her head and caressed the dress with her slender fingers. From her fingertips, she could feel the dress’s delicate and excellent textures.


She had to admit that she really liked this dress very much.


Ye Zhi pondered for a moment before raising her head and looking at the store manager with a calm expression, “Although I am afraid of trouble…”


Then, Ye Zhi continued after a brief pause, “But if I really like something, I will never give in.”

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