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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 104

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Ye Zhi slowly opened her mouth and continued, “I arrived here and tried this dress first. I have already seized the opportune.”


Speaking of this, Ye Zhi took a look at Gu Ren. More importantly, she wanted to wear this dress because it was selected by Gu Ren himself.


Ye Zhi looked at the store manager and said firmly, “So, I have no reason to give in.”


No matter how she looked at it, she was on the right. She was going to purchase the dress.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi and some strange emotions flashed in his eyes.


Ye Zhi looked at the store manager and lowered down her voice, “Sorry, I can only trouble you, store manager.”


The store manager agreed with Ye Zhi very much and she would naturally stand on Ye Zhi’s side. The store manager said, “It’s okay. You just wait here for now. I will go down and take a look.”


The store manager went downstairs. When she saw Yue Ling, her face sank slightly.


Seeing the store manager come down, the assistant assumed unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext and said coldly, “See? Even the store manager came out to greet us in person.”


Yue Ling smiled like a proud peacock. She knew that that person wouldn’t dare to compete with her for the dress.


As the store manager walked to Yue Ling, Yue Ling stood up slowly and looked at the store manager, “What? Is that person willing to give up the dress?”


The store manager said faintly, “Miss Yue, that dress already belongs to someone else. There are VIPs here today. I hope you don’t disturb them.”


Yue Ling couldn’t believe it at all. What? The store manager did not give her the dress, but asked her to leave instead!


What the store manager said was equivalent to directly hitting her face. Her complexion instantly became ugly.


Now, she was becoming more and more curious about who the person upstairs was. What was her identity?


The more they tried to get rid of her, the more she wanted to stay.


However, the store manager had already asked her to leave. Yue Ling’s face wasn’t thick enough to stick here after being driven away.


Yue Ling’s assistant eased the atmosphere, “Your brand is not well-known in China. Our artists wear your dress to attend events, making many people recognize this brand.”


Assistant, “Our artist will leave Paris by plane tonight. If it doesn’t work out today, maybe we won’t come again in the future.”


The implication was that if she didn’t give the dress to Yue Ling today, they won’t come here again.


Unexpectedly, the store manager responded directly, “Okay, no problem.”


Yue Ling was very angry, “The VIP you mentioned is upstairs now?”


Yue Ling was angry, “I’d like to see who is the distinguished guest upstairs. Who is better, her or me?”


As she spoke, she was about to go upstairs.


The store manager’s face sank, and she reached out and stopped Yue Ling, “Miss Yue, I think I have been very polite to you. Don’t go too far.”


This store had never lacked customers like Yue Ling. Never before and never after.


Yue Ling said angrily, “What do you say?”


The store manager said calmly, “Let me tell you clearly that the VIP upstairs wants this dress and you can’t afford it.”


The shop manager looked at several shop assistants and said seriously, “From today onward, our brand will not receive this customer anymore.”


In other words, Yue Ling was blacklisted from now on.

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