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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 106

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The salesman noticed that Ye Zhi was carrying a Hermes Kelly bag which couldn’t be bought by just anybody. Knowing that she was a potential customer, his attitude immediately became more respectful.


Donned with white gloves, the salesman hurriedly responded and carefully took out the precious jewelries.


After seeing the price, Ye Zhi nodded with satisfaction.


“Wrap it up for me.”


The salesman was completely dumbfounded. Ye Zhi hadn’t spent much time since she entered the store and just chose jewelry randomly.


For Ye Zhi, it was important that jewelry had a unique style, but it was even more important that the price was expensive.


Of course, Ye Zhi would buy any jewelry which was beautiful as well as expensive without any hesitation.


When the salesman saw Ye Zhi’s style of spending money, a wide smile unconsciously appeared on his face. The items Ye Zhi had chosen were the most expensive in the store.


The salesman never expected that he would make such a big deal today, “The cashier is this way let me take you there.”


When Ye Zhi took out the black card, the smile on the salesman’s face deepened.


As Ye Zhi was buying jewelry, she suddenly thought of Gu Ren. She even felt that Gu Ren knew better than herself what would suit her.


If Gu Ren was here, he would definitely be able to help her pick the most suitable jewelry for her.


 Ye Zhi was still oblivious  to her actions and didn’t realize that every second of the day Gu Ren occupied most of her thoughts.


Whenever tired, happy, or angry, Ye Zhi would think of Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi still defined the relationship between them as partners, but she didn’t know that her attitude toward Gu Ren had changed during this time of getting along.


When Ye Zhi saw the invoice, she couldn’t help but be happy for Gu Ren. This time she spent so much money, she would finally be of some use to Gu Ren.


Gu Ren didn’t expect that Ye Zhi would really be back soon as she had said.


Holding the bag, Ye Zhi walked to the side of the car with a smile in her eyes, “Okay, we can go.”


A helpless smile appeared on Gu Ren’s lips. If the Gu family were here, they would definitely be shocked speechless, finding that the originally cold and aloof Gu Ren was smiling so much during this period.


After shopping, Gu Ren drove Ye Zhi to the airport.


Along the way, Ye Zhi stared at the jewelry bags she just bought a while ago and was a little worried. She had bought so much jewelry, when would she be able to use it.


She was just a little celebrity and if she really wore these precious things, it would be too eye-catching.


According to her situation, it was impossible for her to afford such expensive jewelries. After netizens saw it, they would either define these jewelries as knockoffs, or they would guess whether she had a behind-the-scenes supporter.


Could these jewels only be placed at home for appreciation?


Gu Ren took a look and probably guessed what Ye Zhi was thinking.


Usually Gu Ren’s voice was always clear and indifferent, which always made people somewhat distanced. However, Gu Ren deliberately lowered his voice at this moment.


Gu Ren’s tone was firm, as if he was talking about an established fact.


“Your performance is very good. You’ll be able to use these things soon.”

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