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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 107

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Gu Ren meant that she would become popular soon and those jewels wouldn’t need to be locked in the safe at all. When that happened, Ye Zhi could wear whatever she wanted.


Gu Ren’s encouragement was very important to Ye Zhi. When Ye Zhi came to this world, she was all alone and it was Gu Ren  who spent the most time with her.


When Gu Ren assured her, Ye Zhi suddenly felt that her future path had become clear.


The red light at the intersection ahead lit up. The car slowed down and stopped.


Ye Zhi only noticed now that the street lights were lit up, illuminating  Gu Ren’s side profile.


Ye Zhi couldn’t help but think of her and Gu Ren’s first meeting. She suddenly realized that time passed so fast.


If the person who was connected with Gu Ren’s fate or the person who signed the contract with Gu Ren was not her, then she would never know that Gu Ren, who looked so cold hearted on screen, had such a gentle side.


Gu Ren soon noticed Ye Zhi’s lingering gaze on him. He turned his head and looked over, causing Ye Zhi to immediately turn her head.


Gu Ren wanted to look more but the traffic light in front of him turned green. He had to restart the car and drive into the traffic.


Ye Zhi held her cheeks in her hand and looked out the car window. She couldn’t help but think of Gu Ren’s help in her career, not to mention, he also spent a lot of money on her.


Ye Zhi decided to do something in return, but it couldn’t be related to money.


What could she do for Gu Ren?


After Gu Ren sent Ye Zhi to the airport, he immediately hurried back to participate in the event.


The next day, Gu Ren received an unexpected call from the person in charge of Armani.


(T/N: Giorgio Armani S.p.A., commonly known as Armani, is an Italian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani. You can read more Here.)


Recently, Gu Ren’s studio had been fighting to win as the Armani’s global spokesperson.


Although Armani had a brand ambassador in Asia, there had never been an Asian among Armani’s previous global spokespersons.


Therefore, Gu Ren’s studio was just trying its luck. If they couldn’t get this endorsement, it didn’t matter much.


Unexpectedly, Gu Ren received a call from the person in charge of Armani.


The person in charge mentioned on the phone that the chat with Gu Ren yesterday was very pleasant and after careful consideration, they felt that he could represent Armani.


In other words, Armani put forward their intention to have Gu Ren become their global spokesperson.


Gu Ren’s agent, Cheng Qi, was also extremely excited. This time Gu Ren got to be the brand’s spokesperson, which would further improve his global popularity internationally.


Gu Ren stayed in Paris for a while to shoot for promotional photos.


It didn’t take long for Armani’s official Weibo to officially announce that Gu Ren had become Armani’s global spokesperson. It was an unprecedented occurrence as Gu Ren was the first Asian to become Armani’s global spokesperson.


At the same time, Gu Ren’s image would be shown on Armani’s official website and Armani stores all around the world.


As soon as the news was announced, a hot search named 《Gu Ren took the Armani Global Spokesperson》 quickly climbed to the first place.


Within a short period of time, this Weibo post exploded with all types of comments.

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