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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 108

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In addition to Weibo, more and more posts related to this news began to appear on other gossip forums. In the top ten hot searches, eight were related to Gu Ren.


Gu Ren’s fans were all jubilant and proud.


“I can brag about my idol becoming a global spokesperson for a lifetime.”


“I am proud of having an idol like this. I will continue to support him! This is the first time that such a thing has ever happened.”


“I really want to see the advertisements soon. Even if I have to eat dirt, I will buy it.”


Gu Ren received a lot of blessings on his WeChat. Ye Zhi also congratulated Gu Ren on WeChat for the first time. Her joy could be clearly felt between the lines.


However, Ye Zhi didn’t know that all of this had happened because of her but Gu Ren guessed the truth of the matter.


The reason why he easily became a global spokesperson was the luck that Ye Zhi brought him.


*Gu Family Gathering*


It had been a while since Gu Ren and Ye Zhi got married. The members of Gu family were full of curiosity about Gu Ren’s destined person, Ye Zhi.


His grandfather and parents had all mentioned Ye Zhi to them, saying that Ye Zhi had a good temperament and was good to Gu Ren.


This time, Qin Ling, the younger sister of Gu Ren’s mother, and his father’s younger brother also rushed over to attend this family gathering.


Since Gu Ren was worried that Ye Zhi would be nervous, he had informed Ye Zhi a week before the gathering so that she could be mentally prepared.


Thus, Ye Zhi had been nervous since a week ago as it would be the first time that she would meet with Gu Ren’s other family members.


Grandpa Gu also called Ye Zhi to specifically tell her that Gu family members were looking forward to seeing her. Although they had not seen her before, they liked her very much.


Ye Zhi became even more nervous when she heard this. She was fortunate that Gu Ren gave her a heads up. If Gu family members had arrived here directly, she might have been nervous to the point of suffocation.


Before the agreed time, Gu Ren had already been waiting for her in the living room in advance.


Ye Zhi stepped down the stairs slowly, she wore a simple yet elegant dress and a simple coat for cover.


Gu Ren could see that Ye Zhi had dressed particularly plainly because she wanted to give the Gu family members a good impression.


Ye Zhi’s facial features were bright and beautiful. Even if she wore plain clothes, it was difficult to conceal her beauty.


When Gu Ren watched Ye Zhi slowly come downstairs, he actually had an illusion. He felt as if Ye Zhi was really his wife and they were going to visit his parents together.


Ye Zhi noticed that Gu Ren was in a daze and immediately became alert as if she had met an enemy.


“What happened?”


“Is the dress strange?”


“Do you want me to change it again?”


Ye Zhi kept asking questions without giving Gu Ren time to answer.


Seeing that Ye Zhi was about to go upstairs and change clothes, Gu Ren immediately took a few steps towards Ye Zhi.


The moment Ye Zhi turned around, Gu Ren grasped her slender wrist and pulled it back to make her face him again.


As Ye Zhi was pulled by Gu Ren and couldn’t go upstairs, she could only stand in front of Gu Ren, “What’s the matter?”

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