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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 109

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Gu Ren talked slowly. He spoke every word clearly, fearing that Ye Zhi would remain immersed in her nervousness and would not understand it.


“Ye Zhi, you already look very beautiful.”


Ye Zhi felt like her breathing stopped at this time. She could only hear Gu Ren’s words playing repeatedly in her ears.


Ye Zhi didn’t even notice when Gu Ren let go of her hand. When Ye Zhi recovered, she was already inside the car headed to Gu family’s house.


Only the two of them were aware of their fake marriage and the Gu family still see them as real husband and wife.


All of the relatives which were important to Gu Ren came to attend the family gathering this time.


Ye Zhi didn’t know why she was feeling this nervous, she just didn’t want to let the Gu family be disappointed in her.


When the car drove into Gu family’s house, Ye Zhi’s heart rate sped up all of a sudden.


It was obviously autumn night, but a thin layer of sweat was covering Ye Zhi’s palm. She took a deep breath and then followed Gu Ren into the house.


Naturally, Ye Zhi couldn’t hide her small movements from Gu Ren’s eyes. Gu Ren deliberately slowed down and walked beside Ye Zhi.


Feeling Ye Zhi’s nervousness, Gu Ren leaned down slightly in Ye Zhi’s direction. The corners of his lips curled upward slightly and he spoke in a low voice.


“Rest assured, everyone will like you.”


Hearing Gu Ren’s voice, Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren subconsciously.


Maybe because she was too nervous, Ye Zhi’s reaction became sluggish. Her eyes fell on Gu Ren’s face, but she forgot to divert them and instead kept staring at him for a while.


Ye Zhi didn’t look at the road, her step sprained and she almost fell down. Fortunately, Gu Ren noticed it in time and immediately reached out to support her.


Gu Ren’s voice seemed to have come from a distant place and finally reached her ears.


“Be careful.”


Ye Zhi finally returned to her senses and noticed that they had already arrived at the gate.


Hearing the noise outside, someone came and opened the door. It was Gu Ren’s mother’s sister, Qin Ling: “Here you are. The newlyweds have arrived!”


Gu Ren called out first, “Aunt.”


Ye Zhi immediately followed along and called out, “Hello, auntie. I am Ye Zhi.”


Qin Ling smiled and suddenly walked to Ye Zhi’s side. She directly took her hand and walked in.


Before Ye Zhi could react, she was pulled away from Gu Ren’s side. Ye Zhi subconsciously looked back at Gu Ren.


Gu Ren grinned and nodded at Ye Zhi, giving her a soothing look. He quickly followed from behind and walked beside her.


As soon as Ye Zhi entered the living room, she found that the family members who came tonight were more than what she thought.


This was the first time Ye Zhi had officially met all members of Gu family. Everyone wanted to see her.


Gu Ren introduced everyone one by one. Ye Zhi tried hard to memorize everyone’s face and the corresponding title.


As soon as Ye Zhi and Gu Ren sat down, Qin Ling who was sitting opposite looked at Ye Zhi with a smile. Her tone was very kind, as if she regarded Ye Zhi as her daughter.


“I’ve heard about you many times from my sister. I’ve finally seen you today.”


After speaking, Qin Ling handed Ye Zhi a gift box. Ye Zhi immediately got up and received it.


“Ye Zhi, this is my regard. I hope you like it.” Qin Ling gifted her a custom made bag.

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