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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 11

T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx

Ye Zhi didn’t know that Song Lie happened to be in the shooting venue next to her. Unlike Ye Zhi, Song Lie often received advertisements from luxury brands.


At this moment, he was wearing a white T-shirt with a warm smile on his face.


Different from the aggressiveness he showed to Ye Zhi beforehe forced her to cancel the marriage agreementhe was now like a typical boy next door. When he smiled at someone, it’s as if he could instantly shorten the distance between them.


After Song Lie finished shooting, he headed towards the dressing room. As soon as he reached the corridor he glanced upon Ye Zhi, who was not far away, walking towards his direction.


Song Lie frowned subconsciously with an obvious impatient look on his face. He didn’t know that Ye Zhi was filming next to his studio and thought that she came here to embarrass him.


Then he thought that Ye Zhi was just playing tricks before. In reality, she wanted to get near him.


Having thought to this point, Song Lie felt a sense of pride in his heart.


Song Lie lowered his head slightly but didn’t leave. He wanted to wait for Ye Zhi to pester him so that he could make fun of her.


Song Lie listened to Ye Zhi’s footsteps getting closer and closer, but the next second, Ye Zhi passed straight in front of him without casting a glance towards him.


There was no hesitation, as if no one had been seen standing there.


Song Lie felt as if someone slapped his face. He awkwardly opened his mouth and called Ye Zhi’s name, “Ye Zhi.”


Ye Zhi seemed to have recovered from her daze and her eyes fell on Song Lie.


When Song Lie saw the blank look on Ye Zhi’s face, he realized that Ye Zhi had really ignored him just now.


This was unintentional, Ye Zhi had been thinking about other things. Ye Zhi’s tone was bland like it was her first time seeing Song Lie, “Is there something wrong?”


Song Lie finally calmed down and laughed, “Your gossip is trending, don’t you know it?”


Ye Zhi’s face sank as soon as she heard Song Lie’s tone. She just couldn’t stand Song Lie joking about Gu Ren.


Song Lie continued, “Gu Ren is not here. Who do you want to show yourself to? Gu Ren meets accidents frequently. At first glance, I can tell he is short-lived. I advise you to change your personal speculation.”


Instead of getting angry Ye Zhi smiled, but that light smile on her face seemed to be mocking Song Lie.


Song Lie frowned, “What are you laughing at?”


Ye Zhi’s eyes were scornful but her voice was sympathetic, “I’m smiling because you may be leaving the entertainment industry tomorrow.”


Ye Zhi unhurriedly took out her mobile phone from her bag, which showed that it was recording something a while ago. Ye Zhi pressed the play button and Song Lie’s voice replayed on the cell phone speaker.


Song Lie’s sarcastic words towards Gu Ren were recorded clearly.


Ye Zhi deliberately pressed the stop button when Song Lie finished his first sentence and saw that Song Lie was upset. What was he when compared to Gu Ren?


Song Lie suddenly panicked but pretended to be calm, “No one will believe you.”


In front of Song Lie, Ye Zhi slowly pressed the save button. She held her mobile phone and swayed in front of Song Lie a few times. “If fans of Gu Ren hear this, will they tear you apart?”


Song Lie knew in his heart that if this recording was put online, his star journey would be ruined.


Ye Zhi continued, “If you apologize to Gu Ren three times, I will consider deleting the recording.”


Ye Zhi looked at Song Lie’s reluctant expression and began to draw her finger close to the share button. Song Lie’s voice rang the next second.


“Gu Ren, I’m sorry.” Song Yan repeated it three times. After he apologized, Song Lie pointed stiffly at the phone, “Can you delete it?”


Ye Zhi deliberately hesitated for a while before deleting the recording in front of Song Lie.

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