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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 110

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“Take this check and buy whatever you like.” Grandpa Gu gifted a 100 million cheque.


Mr. Gu was relatively low-key. He thought that all girls liked dresses so he gave Ye Zhi several sets of Chanel’s high-end apparels.


Mrs. Gu gave Ye Zhi jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels. Ye Zhi was both a celebrity and a girl. There was nothing like too much jewelry for them.


The other Gu family members also brought their meticulously prepared meeting gifts for Ye Zhi.


Ye Zhi’s nervous mood didn’t last long at all as it was replaced by shock. She was stunned by the successive gifts she received and couldn’t hold them even with both of her hands, so Gu Ren had to help her with it.


All the Gu family members entrusted Ye Zhi with heavy responsibility. Gu Ren’s life depended on her.




Tonight, the cast of 《Noble Clan》 would participate in the TV drama awards and Zhou Pingyu felt very satisfied with the nude colored dress that Ye Zhi bought.


He could already predict what effect Ye Zhi would have after putting on this dress.


Next, Ye Zhi’s makeup artists matched her makeup and jewelry according to the dress’ style. The price of jewelries she wore wasn’t that expensive but it had a unique style.


When it was time to walk on the red carpet, Ye Zhi and Gu Ren went to the venue separately. After putting on her makeup, Ye Zhi got in another car and drove forward.


As it was already night, the surrounding was plunged into silence.


Ye Zhi sat in the car with a restless heart.


This was her first time walking on the red carpet. Although she was going there as an unremarkable supporting role, she was still very nervous.


At this moment, her mobile phone vibrated suddenly and she received a message from Gu Ren, “Are you still nervous?”


Even if Ye Zhi couldn’t see Gu Ren, she could still imagine Gu Ren lifting his phone and typing casually.


Ye Zhi replied, “A little bit.”


After Ye Zhi replied, she kept staring at the screen, as if by doing so, her tension would dissipate.


Soon, her phone vibrated again. Gu Ren replied back, “Don’t be nervous, I will walk the red carpet with you.”


Ye Zhi’s eyes widened slightly, “Ah?”


When walking on the red carpet, the director would walk along Gu Ren and Sheng Man at the front while the others would walk behind them. Therefore, Gu Ren and Sheng Man would be travelling in the same car.


When Sheng Man saw Gu Ren, she wanted to strike up a conversation with him. However, before she could even speak, Gu Ren opened the front car door and got inside without even looking at her.


Sheng Man took a deep breath and also got into the car. On their way to the venue, Gu Ren and the director sometimes spoke a few words.


However, Gu Ren and Sheng Man didn’t converse with each other from beginning to end.


Sheng Man was the leading actress of《Noble Clan》. Although she was the heroine, her role was not that important to her. However, she still joined the crew of 《Noble Clan》 for Gu Ren.


She always felt that there was no other person as perfect as Gu Ren in the entire entertainment industry.


Sheng Man wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Gu Ren. However, she didn’t expect that even after so many days, Gu Ren would have no interest in her at all.


Gu Ren nodded at most when he met her but his expression and attitude remained as indifferent as ever.


Sheng Man really didn’t know what kind of people would be liked by Gu Ren.


Thinking to this point, Sheng Man glanced at Gu Ren and she became slightly stunned. The moment Gu Ren looked down at his mobile phone, his expression softened unexpectedly.


Sheng Man was surprised. Who was Gu Ren sending messages to? Why did his expression look completely different from normal?

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