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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 112

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The moment Gu Ren stepped on the red carpet, the voices of netizens reached their peak. Countless bullet comments flew across the screen, almost filling it up completely.


“Gu Ren is so handsome that I am about to faint. Ah, how can there be such a cold and ascetic person!”


“Look at that face and figure. When God created him, he must have spent 200% of his energy.”


“Sheng Man is looking beautiful too. The red dress matches her skin tone.”


When Sheng Man knew that Ye Zhi would also come to walk on the red carpet, she made up her mind to suppress her.


She hadn’t dealt with Ye Zhi a long time ago. Whether it was the previous stand-in incident or the subsequent fake bag incident, her aversion to Ye Zhi grew day by day.


Sheng Man couldn’t tell why, but she always felt that Ye Zhi was her enemy.


She, herself, hadn’t noticed that whenever Ye Zhi beat her, she would be afraid, upset, and would not be able to control her panic.


As long as there was a place where Ye Zhi appeared, she would definitely compete with Ye Zhi to the end.


Moreover, she must win with overwhelming advantage, completely overshadowing Ye Zhi’s limelight. Just like this time, the most beautiful woman to walk on the red carpet must be her.


Sheng Man’s agent ordered one of the most expensive custom-made dresses for this event. It was exquisite and complex. Moreover, she deliberately chose a red dress.


Once people saw her, they wouldn’t be able take their eyes off her.


Sheng Man raised her chin. The dress worn by her was of famous brand and it was even custom-made on top of that. Ye Zhi was doomed to lose!


She was wearing the most expensive and most beautiful dress. How could Ye Zhi compare with her?


A faint smile appeared at the corner of Sheng Man’s lips. She couldn’t help but wonder, what dress was Ye Zhi wearing today? Ye Zhi had no money. She would not wear a knockoff dress, right?


Perhaps, Ye Zhi didn’t even have the qualifications to compare with her.


Thinking of this, Sheng Man glanced back triumphantly, wanting to see what inferior dress Ye Zhi was wearing.


Sheng Man was stunned and her eyes widened. ‘Who is that beautiful person? It’s… Ye Zhi.’


While Sheng Man was shocked, some people also noticed Ye Zhi. When most netizens were commenting on Gu Ren and Sheng Man, a comment appeared among them.


“Who’s that beauty in the back? She is so beautiful that I don’t dare to gossip. Oh, my God, it’s Ye Zhi!”


Some netizens looked at the person walking behind Sheng Man.


Ye Zhi’s makeup was very light complimenting her snow white complexion. The foundation was also very thin. Only a touch of earth-colored eyeshadow at the end of her eye.


There was a faint red tint on her slim lips. The color was not bright, but it had a faint charm.


Her snow white skin,  small collarbone, and extremely thin waist were all beautiful.


She wore a long nude colored dress, which looked monotonous from the color alone. However, if one looked closely, he would find a lot of exquisite embroidery on the dress.


Embroidery lines were snaking up and intertwined, forming delicate flowers on the upper half of the dress. The petals were stacked and the stamens were dotted with a few tiny diamonds.


The hem of the dress was made of silk gauze, which fell down slowly and was parted in the middle front.


As Ye Zhi walked, her slender legs were faintly discernible, hiding their charm under the silk gauze. Stimulating half the temptation of seeing what’s underneath, and half the beauty of hiding what’s within.

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