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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 113

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It was unclear whether the diamonds were too dazzling or Ye Zhi’s appearance was too gorgeous. She was like a great piece of art.


It gave this dark night a charming atmosphere.


At this moment, the bullet screen suddenly slowed down and the number of comments was also much less. Everyone was watching the woman walking slowly on the red carpet.


A few minutes later, the bullet comments appeared frantically and countless netizens left comments.


“Is she really Ye Zhi? Isn’t this a fairy? I can’t take my eyes off her!”


“It’s very hard to wear a nude colored dress. How many celebrities have kicked iron plates while trying to do so? I didn’t expect that Ye Zhi could do it. It’s amazing!”


“Compared to Ye Zhi, isn’t Sheng Man’s red dress a bit tacky?”


“If I kept looking at Ye Zhi, I might really become her fanboy. Her face is so beautiful that I can’t bear to criticise her.”


When Sheng Man saw Ye Zhi, she couldn’t believe that the beautiful person she was seeing was Ye Zhi. She specially chose a red dress, but she couldn’t defeat Ye Zhi at all.


She couldn’t convince herself that Ye Zhi was wearing a knockoff dress. Could knockoffs be so beautiful?


She didn’t even dare to try to wear a nude colored dress, how could Ye Zhi dare to wear it! Moreover… Ye Zhi looked good in it!


Sheng Man clenched her fists with jealousy. However, she couldn’t show it so she took a deep breath and turned her head stiffly.


Ye Zhi was naturally oblivious to what the netizens were saying about her. She moved forward slowly. She knew that Gu Ren was walking in front of her.


However, she couldn’t take a look at Gu Ren. Many eyes were staring at her now. If she looked at Gu Ren, netizens would definitely criticise her to the end.


The cast of 《Noble Clan》 reached the end of the red carpet and now they were to stand for a pose. Gu Ren naturally stood in the middle. The director glanced at Ye Zhi. Ye Zhi understood what the director meant.


Ye Zhi walked to the side and consciously stood on the very edge, perfectly explaining what it meant to be low-key and not being a troublemaker.


The director nodded in satisfaction. He gave Ye Zhi a chance to walk on the red carpet. Ye Zhi didn’t overwhelm the host and chose a nude colored dress.


However, it seemed that Ye Zhi was more beautiful than Sheng Man.


Ye Zhi was standing on the edge. However, when she looked down, netizens couldn’t stop themselves from commenting.


Gu Ren knew that Ye Zhi would stand on the very edge and he also knew that she was wearing a nude colored dress of his choice.


At this moment, Gu Ren tilted his head slightly and glanced in Ye Zhi’s direction. He acted as if nothing had happened but an extremely vague emotion appeared deep in his eyes.


The sharp-eyed netizens saw Gu Ren’s actions and the bullet screen immediately exploded with all sorts of comments.


“Am I wrong? Who did Gu Ren look at just now? “


“There are two women in the right direction of Emperor Gu. One is Sheng Man while the other is Ye Zhi. He won’t be looking at one of them, right?”


“I think you guys are thinking too much. Why can’t Emperor Gu look at these two ladies? It’s his choice.”


Just as the netizens were speculating, the next second, Gu Ren bent down slightly and said a few words in the director’s ear.


The director nodded and chatted with Gu Ren. They seemed to be talking about some work.

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