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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 114

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“The truth was that Gu Ren was looking at the director. Hahahaha!”


“Don’t slander my idol. The person who can be worthy of Emperor Gu in this life has not been born yet.”


Before their walk on the red carpet was over, Sheng Man’s PR team had already launched a publicity campaign on the Internet. As long as Sheng Man was on the red carpet, the PR team would always make a publicity of Sheng Man as the most beautiful woman on the red carpet.


This time was no exception.


《Sheng Man is more beautiful than Ye Zhi》 had already become the number one Weibo topic. They also bought a water army to bring rhythm under Weibo. Sheng Man had many fans, they praised how beautiful she was.


However, things began to get out of control soon.


Some commentators mentioned that Ye Zhi was the most beautiful on the red carpet tonight. She wore a nude colored long dress which completely overwhelmed Sheng Man who wore a vermillion dress.


Sheng Man chose to wear sanguine hue and everyone thought that the red dress was very amazing. Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi didn’t need such a warm color to attract everyone’s attention.


From Ye Zhi’s makeup, to her dress and then to her face, the netizens’ discussions almost revolved around Ye Zhi.


Only a few mentioned that Sheng Man was more beautiful than Ye Zhi.


Sheng Man’s PR team became extremely angry. They immediately asked someone to post that the dress worn by Ye Zhi was likely to be a knockoff which had no class nor quality.


Even if this dress was genuine, how could Ye Zhi, a person without any background, manage to get this dress? Did she really have a foreign boyfriend?


The reason behind this was thought-provoking.


Sheng Man’s PR team spread rumors about Ye Zhi, wanting to shift the attention of netizens to this matter.


Netizens were indeed misled at the beginning and some of them gradually put forward their thoughts. Some stood on Ye Zhi’s side while others opposed her.


“I have never seen this dress before. I haven’t heard of any famous brand with such a sense of design. Is it really a fake?”


“Even if Ye Zhi really wore a branded dress, where did she get the money? It won’t be her boyfriend who paid for it, right?”


“No matter whether the dress is a knockoff or not, Ye Zhi is more beautiful than Sheng Man. Any more questions?”


“This dress is very unique. Ordinary people can’t afford it. Even if she really wore a knockoff, it’s her skill to be able to wear the knockoff with the ambience of a genuine one.”


As more and more people were discussing it, the official brand of the dress posted a Weibo, “Thank you for showing the characteristics of the dress incisively and vividly.”


The key was the name Ye Zhi.


Although this Weibo post did not state whether Ye Zhi bought the dress or was lent to her, the rumor had been clarified.


The brand had announced that Ye Zhi was wearing their latest dress.


As we all know, this brand was very low-key, but very picky. If Ye Zhi couldn’t express their dresses, the brand would never give them to her.


Therefore, even if Ye Zhi had a background, if she was not recognized by the brand, she still could not wear this dress.


Now, Ye Zhi not only wore this dress, but she also wore such a hard-to-wear dress with a fascinating aura.


For the first time, netizens realized that Ye Zhi was so beautiful.


Everyone had to say that Ye Zhi’s quiet and gentle character was really strange and beautiful.


On the contrary, Sheng Man had always been relying on the most expensive, high-end dresses to pressure others. Who would have expected that Ye Zhi used a dress that was far less expensive than Sheng Man’s but still managed to overwhelm her.

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