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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 115

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Sheng Man who was used to showcasing her wealth was unexpectedly crushed this time.


Even if Sheng Man had bought the water army and her PR team posted on Weibo to criticize Ye Zhi, the praises still flowed like a tide and couldn’t be stopped at all.


Sheng Man’s team never expected that something like this would happen. The publicity campaign they painstakingly arranged failed for the first time!




A myriad of messages were sent to Sheng Man since the last time Song Lie gave her the knockoff Hermes bag but she never replied, not even once. He also called her countless times wanting to apologize. However, Shen Man didn’t answer any of them and completely alienated herself from him.


Initially, he intended to go to Sheng Man’s home and apologize personally. However, an unexpected event happened which made him stay abroad for a while, causing him to miss the best opportunity to apologize.


Today, Song Lie happened to have free time so he decided to visit Sheng Man in their home. He even brought some specially selected jewelries with the thought of wanting to make Sheng Man happy.


Song Lie arrived at the gate of Sheng Man’s luxurious villa. He got out of the car and went up to ring the doorbell.


It took awhile, before the gate was opened, as if giving him a cold-shoulder. Song Lie had been standing outside for quite a long time so it was inevitable that people would stare at him. Song Lie lowered his head in embarrassment and patiently waited. As soon as the latch was unlocked, he pushed the gate open and walked in immediately.


He continued to walk through the courtyard. When he reached the front of the villa, the door was already left open but he still knocked before entering.


Just as he walked inside, Song Lie saw Sheng Man sitting on the sofa with her back straight and arms crossed over her chest. She didn’t even bother to pay even a glance at Song Lie and her chin was slightly raised giving off the feeling of despising others.


Song Lie put down first the jewelry box he brought on the small table in front of Sheng Man before he sat opposite her.


“Sorry, I didn’t know that the bag was fake.” Song Lie explained in a gentle tone wanting to lessen the ire Sheng Man was feeling. “If I knew that it was fake, how could I give it to you?”


Sheng Man was getting more and more furious as she continued to listen. The moment she saw Song Lie, all the criticisms she received and the embarrassment she felt before resurfaced. “Although it might be true that you don’t know about the bag being a fake, I was still disgraced and lost my face because of it.”


“You can just take these things back, lest some netizens say that I am wearing fakes.”


She didn’t expect that the situation after the bag incident would further escalate. The fans who received their prizes in her raffle draw unexpectedly went to have their items checked if it was authentic or not, which was equivalent to directly slapping her in the face.


What’s even more annoying was the fact that she and Ye Zhi were carrying the same bag. Fortunately, Ye Zhi also carried a fake. Otherwise, she would be so angry that she wouldn’t be able to sleep.


He still wanted to continue to explain, but Sheng Man couldn’t be bothered to listen anymore. She immediately stood up and walked toward a room on the first floor giving him no chance to further explain.


Song Lie also stood up and subconsciously took a few steps in the direction where Sheng Man had left.


He silently watched as Sheng Man opened the door of the room. Although he stood far away from the doorway, he could still see the bags and cosmetics scattered all over through the half-open door. It was as if they were just randomly discarded.


Sheng Man rummaged around the room for a while. After some time, she walked out carrying the fake Hermes bag Song Lie gave her.


Sheng Man didn’t go near Song Lie to hand over the bag properly and just directly threw it at him, as if throwing an unnecessary piece of garbage.

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