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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 116

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Song Lie instinctively reached out to catch the bag and heard what Sheng Man said before she left.


“Don’t come to me again.”


From beginning to end, he tried to explain everything in a compassionate manner. Sheng Man, on the other hand, didn’t give him any consideration and turned deaf ear to his reasons.


No matter how enthusiastic Song Lie was, after getting a cold shoulder like this, he felt discouraged and gradually lost his mood.


If he knew that this bag was fake, how could he buy it and give it to Sheng Man? He only knew that Sheng Man really liked this bag, but he didn’t know much about it.


It was Sheng Man’s arrogance which had attracted him deeply, but now it had become a weapon to humiliate him.


In the end, Song Lie could only pick up the jewelry he bought and walk out of Sheng Man’s home.


Song Lie got in the car but did not leave immediately. He had thought of giving up pursuing  Sheng Man anymore. However, whenever he thought that she was the only daughter of the Sheng family, he felt that Sheng Man was the only person who could be worthy of him.


Thinking of this, Song Lie once again made his resolve. He would not give up on being together with Sheng Man.


At the same time, Song Lie thought of another person.


Ye Zhi.


When he withdrew his engagement with her before, Ye Zhi showed more indifferent attitude than Sheng Man but he didn’t feel anything at that time at all.


Song Li felt a little upset, and sent Ye Zhi a WeChat message.


Unexpectedly, before Song Lie could even send out a WeChat message, the system reminded him of a cruel fact.


“The other party had turned on friend verification and you are not his (her) friend…”


Ye Zhi unfriended him!


After all the successive blows, Song Li couldn’t recover for some time. He couldn’t believe it at all. If Ye Zhi decided to cut all ties with him, could she still find a better person other than him?


Song Lie repeatedly told himself.


His decision to withdraw from his engagement with Ye Zhi was extremely correct. Sheng Man was the only daughter of the Sheng family, but Ye Zhi was nothing.


The latest episode of 《Sheng Man’s Life》was aired. Although Sheng Man’s reputation was no longer as clean as before, there were still a lot of people watching it.


In this episode, Sheng Man introduced a special room in her home. This was the first time Sheng Man had shown it to everyone.


Sheng Man stood outside the room, her carefully maintained hand was resting on the doorknob. Her nails were studded with fine diamonds and the camera gave it a close-up.


Sheng Man said in an arrogant voice: “I call this room a trash room. It’s used to put things which I don’t want to use anymore.”


Before opening the door, Sheng Man also gave a ‘friendly’ reminder, “It may be a little messy.”


Sheng Man opened the door and the scene behind her only flickered on the camera to see the mess in the room.


Unlike her cloakroom, the floor of this room was littered with all kinds of things and there was not even space to stand. No signs of cleaning could be seen.


She raised her foot and stepped  on something in the next second. Sheng Man merely glanced at it before kicking it gently with her Roger Vivier high heels.


That thing rolled away. The sharp eyed netizens recognized that it was Kanebo cream at first glance.

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