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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 117

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Sheng Man said lightly, “I bought this and forgot to use it. It has expired.”


Then, she picked up a Gucci bag from a pile of luxury garbage. “I bought this Dionysus Gucci bag before but then found that I already have a bag of this style, so I put it here.”


“I also accidentally bought two Chanel hobo bags of the same design.”


This was the story she told, but it was not the case. The truth is, she saw Xiao Huadan last time carrying a bag of the same design as hers. She didn’t want to be carrying things which were the same as the others so she discarded it. 

“This YSL’s Niki bag was scratched by me accidentally.”


In addition to the things mentioned by Sheng Man, you could also see  Chanel’s short sleeves, Luo Yiwei’s bag, LV…. discarded in the room.


Sheng Man also mentioned that shopping was one of her hobbies. However, after she had bought the things she seemed to like, she found out that the feeling was not the same compared to when she saw it in the store. Those items would be stored in this room.


When the netizens saw this so-called garbage in Sheng Man’s mouth, they went crazy.


“It’s okay to give these to us if Sheng Man doesn’t want them!”


“Who wants to group up with me to pick up trash at Sheng Man’s house?”


They didn’t know that even the people who worked for Sheng Man would not receive things which she deemed as trash. In her opinion, things that belonged to her must not fall into the hands of others.


However, this segment of showing off her wealth  had received some criticisms this time.


That’s because some netizens had checked the footage of the entire room with scrutiny and found that the imitation of Hermes bag was not in there. Thus, some netizens began to laugh at her.


“Did Sheng Man forget the last time she went to the airport with a knockoff?”


“All the stuff stored in this garbage room may be fake, so she doesn’t care about throwing them away.”


“Don’t bother to maintain your rich and beautiful persona as it has already collapsed and can’t be rebuilt again.”


Although Sheng Man was able to attract some fans, she was not able to get the results she desired due to that incident.


It would be the press conference of 《Noble Clan》in a few days Ye Zhi was asked again by the director to participate in the promotion because of the good performance she had shown during the previous event.

Ye Zhi decided to stay low key at this press conference. She knew that a lot of popular celebrities would attend this event and thought that she should not attract much attention.


Moreover, Gu Ren was the main character of 《Noble Clan》 so its content would naturally revolve around him. A supporting character just like her would not be noticed..


A few days prior, Gu Ren explained to Ye Zhi the ins and outs of the event. The host never played the cards according to common sense and would often ask tricky questions.Generally speaking, they would never make things difficult for anyone. With this, Ye Zhi didn’t want to mess up her pace and decided to be more cautious just in case she was asked.


On the day of the press conference, Ye Zhi still sat at the end. The host asked Gu Ren a few questions and he answered them perfectly. After that,  it wasSheng Man’s turn.


The host noticed Ye Zhi sitting at the end and suddenly asked her, “Ye Zhi, I heard that you and Gu Ren had also a scene together in the play?”


Hearing this, Sheng Man’s face changed.


It’s already incredible that a not very important side character like Ye Zhi could attend the press conference. Now, the host even took the initiative to give Ye Zhi a chance to speak!


Sheng Man was very angry. When did Ye Zhi’s presence become so strong?

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