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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 118

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However, Sheng Man could only suppress her anger and conceal the hatred she was feeling within a calm expression, without showing any emotions.


Ye Zhi tried to reckon the happenings and thought to herself, When did she and Gu Ren act on a scene together? Wasn’t it that when Gu Ren,the main character of the drama, was shooting his scenes she was just a meager supporting character acting in the background?


She was suddenly taken aback with that question and wasn’t prepared how to respond. Thus, as if it was an instinct, she subconsciously glanced in Gu Ren’s direction.


At that moment, their eyes met. She saw his dark obsidian eyes were as calm as ever as if giving her courage,  telling her not to be nervous.


In just a few seconds, Ye Zhi withdrew her gaze. No one noticed that they were staring at each other.


Ye Zhi raised her head, looked at the host, and calmly said, “This was a scene where I appeared in the frame in passing.”


As soon as Ye Zhi’s voice fell, some of the audience laughed. Appeared in passing? Ye Zhi had a deep understanding of a supporting character.


Gu Ren’s eyebrow pricked up when he heard Ye Zhi’s answer.


The host found Ye Zhi’s answer quite interesting and said, “Since you and Gu Ren have a cooperation, let’s conduct a lie detector test.”


She couldn’t remain calm this time. Lie detector test? How could you do that!


Moderator: “You put your hand on the lie detector and I will ask some questions. Lie detector will check if you are telling the truth.”


“Isn’t it interesting?”


Ye Zhi: “…” This is not funny, it’s too cruel.


The host looked at the audience and asked, “Do you want to see Ye Zhi’s lie detector test?”


Someone under the stage called out, “Yes!”


Ye Zhi was helpless. She knew she couldn’t escape so she simply decided to go with the flow. She reluctantly approached the lie detector step by step and gently placed her hands on the polygraph.


The host then introduced the mechanics of the test, “If you are telling the truth, the lie detector will light up the green light. If you lie, it will light up the red light and you will be electrified.”


Ye Zhi nodded.


The host then began to ask her questions. “Your recent variety show has been very popular recently. Have you ever thought about your future development?”


Ye Zhi: “I will try to go as far as I can.”


After she answered, the host then pressed a button of the lie detector, making the machine run. After a while, the lie detector made a beeping sound.


A green light lit on it and Ye Zhi’s hand did not feel pain. She was not electrified.


The result showed that she had not lied. Ye Zhi  breathed a sigh of relief.


Even after answering a few insignificant questions, Ye Zhi was not even electrified. The host suddenly asked an extremely tricky question.


“Are you in contact with Gu Ren privately?”


When this question was asked, Ye Zhi was shocked and felt nervous. Even Gu Ren’s eyebrows pricked up hearing this


When the audience heard this question, they were surprised and looked forward to Ye Zhi’s answer.


Who didn’t know that Ye Zhi tried to hype her career using Gu Ren many times before? Although she had been very low-key recently, the past of scamming Movie Emperor Gu could not be erased.


Therefore, they were eager to know whether Ye Zhi was still pestering Gu Ren in private.


The most important thing was that with the lie detector, Ye Zhi could never lie. They just needed to wait for Ye Zhi’s answer and the final result of the lie detector.


Ye Zhi lowered her eyes and her heart was in panic. She and Gu Ren not only have a private connection, but they were also quite close and could meet each other every day.


They were even a nominal couple.

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