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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 119

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They were even a nominal couple.


However, this matter must not be discovered by anyone. That would be best for both of them.


Everyone’s attention was focused on her. They would be suspicious if she answered incorrectly. She would also be suspected if she answered too slowly. She could only answer and must answer this question.


Ye Zhi took a deep breath and promptly said, “No contact.”


Her answer clearly resounded in everyone’s ear. She said that she had no private contact with Gu Ren. They were eager to know whether she was telling the truth.


The host stepped forward and pressed the button. Then, the lie detector began to make a slight noise. It indicated that the machine was analyzing the result and the outcome would be revealed in a short while.


While Ye Zhi was not calm, there was another person whose feelings was also disturbed, Gu Ren.


Hearing Ye Zhi’s reply, Gu Ren closed his eyes. Under the silent light, his thin lips were pressed tightly and the light shadow of his dark eyelashes covered his eyes.


At this time, Gu Ren’s heartbeat became a little faster. He was flustered and terrified not because he was worried about himself.


He clearly knew that the trace of worry that had surfaced in his heart, his chaotic and violent heartbeat were just for her.


Gu Ren opened his eyes and looked at Ye Zhi. Unconsciously, he clenched his fists.


His fingers curled up, his thumbs pressed against his palms, and his finger bones were bulging clearly. Blue veins faintly appeared on the back of his hand.


Ye Zhi was obviously the person doing the lie detection test, but Gu Ren was the one who’s even more nervous than her.


Gu Ren looked as usual, but he had lost his former calm and collected appearance. He let out a long breath very slowly.


He tried his best to restrain his emotions, but his heart was still beating hard in his chest.


Gu Ren looked straight at Ye Zhi. The result of the lie detection was about to come out in a few seconds.


Ye Zhi had no time to worry about other people’s reactions. Ever since she said the words ‘No contact’, it had been destined that her heart would not be calm.


Ye Zhi lowered her gaze and her eyelashes trembled slightly.


She knew that she had to calm down, but the facts could not be faked. When she heard the word ‘Gu Ren’, she could clearly hear the sound of her heart beating.


She and Gu Ren started as a contracted husband and wife, but proceeded as friends.


They indeed had a private connection and this secret connection was still growing.


This tiny seed named “connection” had sprouted out small branches unknowingly under the water from time to time.


Even if Ye Zhi tried to suppress her emotions now, even if she told herself to calm down, the established facts would not change.


Obviously only a short time has passed, but at this moment, every second seemed to be stretched several times. It was very hard to bear.


Everyone was staring at Ye Zhi closely.


At this moment, the lie detector made a beep sound and Ye Zhi felt a sharp tingling sensation from the bottom of her hand as the current slowly flowed through her palm.


Ye Zhi let out a cry and she withdrew her hand suddenly.


At the same time, a red light lit up on the lie detector.


At this moment, everyone in the audience saw the red light on the lie detector. The red light meant that the person being tested lied.

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