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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 12


T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

Ye Zhi deliberately hesitated for a while before she deleted the recording in front of Song Lie.


After Song Lie finished apologizing, Ye Zhi pretended to be generous and said, “Then I will grudgingly accept your apology for Gu Ren.”


After that, Ye Zhi turned around and left regardless of Song Lie’s feelings.
At Sheng Man’s dressing room


Sheng Man had a shooting this afternoon.


As usual, the crew was waiting for Sheng Man in the dressing room. She always showed up late. A few people were already bored and started to gossip.


“Yesterday, I saw Ye Zhi.” The stylist said, “She has become a lot more beautiful.”


Sheng Man, who had just walked to the door of the dressing room, heard of Ye Zhi’s name and suddenly stopped. She raised her eyebrows and leaned against the wall to eavesdrop.


“Maybe it’s because make-up can change a person a lot,” the assistant said.


The stylist recalled Ye Zhi when he saw her yesterday. Her face was as beautiful as rose, her eyes were transparent as a cloudless sky, her skin was as white as snow, her temperament was as cold as ice. Her originally bright features were even more highlighted this time.


He shook his head, “Ye Zhi’s temperament is different from that of the past. That’s not what make-up can do.”


Temperament? Hearing this word, Sheng Man knew how ridiculous the words of these people were.


As for Ye Zhi, who was just a former stand-in, Sheng Man clearly remembered that she was really amazed by her facial features when she first met her. But soon, Sheng Man found out that she was nothing but just a vulgar fan.


No matter how delicate the facial features were, coupled with the gaudy taste and crude temperament it would  no longer be outstanding.


Sheng Man who grew up in the Sheng family, lived the life of a queen. Only those who were truly raised by an affluent family could have her aura.


How could Ye Zhi, a vulgar fan, get in the entertainment circle?


Sheng Man could not bear seeing them boasting about Ye Zhi anymore and interrupted, “What are you talking about?”


The dressing room was quiet for a moment. Several turned their backs and looked at Sheng Man. Her face had no expression but just inherent pride as usual.


Sheng Man only glanced indifferently and no one dared to discuss the topic again. She went into the dressing room and sat in front of the dressing table. After a while, her personal assistant came in.


She told Sheng Man about today’s schedule.


“Did you buy the Bulgari’s limited-edition necklace?” Sheng Man’s schedule was packed recently and she couldn’t spare time to go to the store.


Everyone knew that Sheng Man loved limited editions. She liked things that are unique and those things must belong to her.


The assistant’s voice suddenly dropped, “It has already been bought by someone.”


There were only eight Bulgari’s limited-edition necklaces in the world. People who could buy them must have money and background.


“Speak, who bought it?” At the peak of her anger, Sheng man’s voice suddenly chilled, “No matter how much money I have to spend, I must buy it.”


The atmosphere in the dressing room suddenly became stiff and everyone turned silent, afraid to speak for fear of angering Sheng Man.


At the same time, Ye Zhi received a gift.


The housekeeper knocked on the door and gave it to Ye Zhi. The box had been opened and there lay a Bulgari Serpenti necklace of Bvlgari Serpenti Collection.


The eye of the snake was an olive green gem and its body was decorated with diamonds. Under the sunshine, the diamonds were glittering. while the emeralds were magnificent and full of vitality.


Bulgari Serpenti necklace, a symbol of eternal youth.


This snake-like necklace was limited only to 8 pieces in the world and only one was in Asia. Which was bought by the richest lady (Gu Ren’s Mother) and given to her daughter-in-law (Ye Zhi) as a gift.


Gu Ren’s mother was now living abroad. She hadn’t seen Ye Zhi yet so she expressed her feelings with these gifts.


The gift wasn’t just the Bulgari necklace there was also a bank card.


Mother Gu’s intentions were quite obvious. Gu Ren just had another accident. It seemed that she didn’t spend much money.


Since the money was too little, spend more.


As the richest family, money was the most they had.


Ye Zhi took a deep breath and inexplicably felt the pressure.

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