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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 120

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It turned out that Ye Zhi was lying. Just now, she clearly said that she had no contact with Gu Ren.


When the audience saw this scene, they were shocked! Ye Zhi was really in touch with Gu Ren in private!


There were many Gu Ren fans among the audience and they immediately became angry. They thought that Ye Zhi wasn’t pestering Gu Ren now so their impression of her had improved a bit.


As it turned out, Ye Zhi had the gall to  pester Gu Ren privately, it was too much. What did exactly Ye Zhi want to do? Couldn’t she just let go of their idol?


They felt unfair for Gu Ren and angry at Ye Zhi’s behavior.


Unless Ye Zhi gave them a reasonable explanation, or else they would criticise Ye Zhi with all their might.


The audience was very quiet, but the silence was very weird and oppressive.


Ye Zhi gave a wry smile. She was really electrified. Ye Zhi raised her head and looked at the stage. The people in the audience seat had different emotions, including anger and shock…


Everyone was accusing her.


Ye Zhi didn’t dare to look at the expressions of the audience anymore. She lowered her eyes and thought hard. What should she explain next? What reason would convince everyone?


When Gu Ren heard the beap of the lie detector and saw the red light, he was shocked. He immediately raised his eyes and looked straight at Ye Zhi. At this moment, only Ye Zhi’s side face could be seen with a few strands of jet-black hair hanging down her side face.


He couldn’t see Ye Zhi’s expression but he could catch a glimpse of her sharp jaw. Her face seemed to have turned pale. She was like a frozen rose.


Stubborn but fragile.


When Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi’s appearance, his heart suddenly twitched. His fingers were still tightly clasped in his palm, making a deep scratch on his palm but he didn’t notice it at all.


Many thoughts passed through Gu Ren’s mind and finally tuned into one thought.


Gu Ren suddenly released his clenched fists and his fingers spread out slowly. In the next second, Gu Ren’s lips moved slightly and he was about to speak.


At this time, the director intervened to handle the situation. “Don’t think too much, our crew has a WeChat group.”


Everybody looked at the director.


The director laughed and continued, “In this wechat group, Gu Ren is there. Sheng Man is also there so Ye Zhi is naturally there.


Gu Ren’s back was stretched taut and his lips pressed were slightly parted. Hearing these words, he slowly relaxed.


Gu Ren picked up the microphone and moved it to his lips. His snow white hands and the black microphone formed a very strong contrast.


Gu Ren glanced at the host and said in an indifferent tone, “The director has explained it very clearly.”


Gu Ren’s tone was extremely light, but his words could be clearly heard by everyone, “If the WeChat group is also considered as private contact…”


Gu Ren said word by word, “Then yes.”


Now that the director of 《Noble Clam》 had spoken for Ye Zhi and the reason stated was also very reasonable, the host’s expression became a bit awkward.


“It seems that Ye Zhi didn’t lie.”


The director looked at the host and asked, “Ye Zhi has passed this time, right?” The host nodded.


Ye Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and the audience also suddenly realized. It turned out that Ye Zhi contacted Gu Ren privately for this reason.


Ye Zhi just joined the WeChat group of the crew, but Gu Ren happened to be in the group.


Since it was the WeChat group of the crew, the content of the chat must be related to work. Besides, there were other people from the crew in the group, could Ye Zhi scam Gu Ren under the eyes of everyone?


It seemed that Ye Zhi was wronged by this lie detector.

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