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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 121

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The host no longer asked Ye Zhi and Ye Zhi also stood quietly on the edge. She continued to be low key so no one would ask her any more questions.


When Sheng Man saw that Ye Zhi lied, she was also shocked to find that Ye Zhi actually had a private connection with Gu Ren just like everyone else.


When the director said that both of them were in the Wechat group, Sheng Man couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


She thought about it and agreed to the director’s point. How could Ye Zhi be in contact with Gu Ren? For an indifferent person like Gu Ren, even if Ye Zhi pestered him endlessly, he would definitely not even look at her.


Sheng Man was even gloating a little. When it came to getting screwed, Ye Zhi would be ranked first.


As she was the heroine of the movie. Even if the host asked her something, he would not ask anything difficult.


While Sheng Man was feeling complacent, the host looked at Sheng Man and suddenly called, “Sheng Man.”


Sheng Man was surprised at first but then she immediately said with a smile, “I won’t lie. You can ask whatever you want to ask me.”


The host wanted to please Sheng Man deliberately, so he naturally wouldn’t ask any tricky questions. “Don’t worry, I will just ask some casual questions.”


Sheng Man was relieved. She sat down and put her hands on the lie detector with a calm expression. She didn’t believe that the host would make things difficult for her.


She was from the Sheng family, the host would definitely give her a face.


The host asked, “I will ask something that fans want to know. Manman is single now.”


Sheng Man didn’t even think about it and answered immediately, “Yes.”


The host pressed the button and the lie detector began making noises. After a while, a green light lit up. Sheng Man’s hand was still placed there quietly.


Sheng Man didn’t lie. She was really single.


Sheng Man smiled. She knew that she would pass this hurdle smoothly.


The host thought for a while, then said, “You are the only daughter of the Sheng family so everyone loves you very much, right?”


Sheng Man’s smile froze there. The only daughter of the Sheng family? The Sheng family really spoiled her, but she was not the biological daughter of the Sheng family.


No one knew that she was only adopted by the Sheng family. She was an adopted daughter whose life was turned upside down because of the Sheng family.


Sheng Man was conflicted on what she would do.. If she answered ‘yes’, what if the lie detector detected that she lied? How would she explain it then?


Sheng Man did not speak for a long time.


The host and Sheng Man were very close and he could see her stiff expression.


He felt that something was wrong. Why did Sheng Man show this expression? Was it difficult to answer this question? It was obviously the simplest one.


Everyone could see that the Sheng family really dotted on her.


Although the fans couldn’t see her expression, they couldn’t help but wonder why Sheng Man was thinking for so long. The Sheng family loved Sheng Man very much.


Ye Zhi glanced at Sheng Man. Only she knew why shen didn’t answer for a long time.


Ye Zhi sneered in her heart. Sheng Man occupied the magpie’s nest and seized the position of the original owner.


(T/N: Occupying Magpie’s nest means enjoying someone else’s benefits without contributing anything.

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