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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 122

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Sheng Man was raised showered in riches. She had enjoyed the glory and wealth of the Sheng family for so many years, but she could not eliminate the hidden fear in her heart.


This hidden fear was firmly rooted in her heart. She was always afraid.


If one day, the truth came to light that the Sheng family’s biological daughter was someone else, how would she face everyone?


Now, in front of the lie detector, Sheng Man dared not to lie, but she had to lie once again. It was impossible for her to stop halfway.


A thin layer of sweat had formed on her forehead. She had been dragging this for too long. Everyone would be suspicious if she didn’t answer soon.


Sheng Man gritted her teeth and said, “Of course.”


The button was pressed by the host and the machine began to analyze the result. After a while, the red light lit up and a violent current passed through Sheng Man’s hand. This made her immediately retract her hand in pain and stood up abruptly.


Sheng Man’s expression changed drastically and dread filled her heart.


No one expected that the lie detector would actually detect that Sheng Man was lying. Both the host and the audience were shocked because of this. How could Sheng Man not belong to the Sheng family?


The host uttered an awkward laugh and tried to ease the atmosphere. “It seems that the lie detector we bought is not smart enough. We have to be careful in the future.”


The host then turned around to face the audience, “Sheng Man’s test result was wrong. Apparently, when Ye Zhi was being tested earlier, the lie detector also showed a wrong result.”


It further proved that Ye Zhi did not have any contact with Gu Ren in private.


No one noticed anything odd. They all thought that the lie detector was defective.


The press conference continued and Sheng Man was unusually quiet for the rest of the event. She didn’t utter a word until the press conference ended.


After attending the press conference, Ye Zhi stayed at home to rest. There were still a few days left before shooting the next issue of 《The Leisure Life of a Star》.


In recent days, Ye Zhi always heard a noise at home.


Strangely enough, the noise only lasted for a while and would soon disappear after she got home.


Ye Zhi occasionally saw some workers leave from downstairs. She thought that a room was in need of repair and that caused  the noise.


She didn’t ask much, until one night when Gu Ren came home and suddenly knocked on her door.


Gu Ren just came back from the outside. He didn’t know where he put his coat and wore only a simple dark shirt.


It’s almost time for bed, and since Ye Zhi had no work today, she had already changed into her pajamas and was about to go to bed early after checking her phone.


Gu Ren’s long dark eyes swept slightly over Ye Zhi and the glow in his eyes inadvertently darkened a bit. “I saw that lights are still lit in your room and thought that you are still awake.”


“It’s late today. I will talk to you tomorrow.”


Just when Gu Ren was about to turn around and leave, Ye Zhi immediately walked a few steps towards him and blocked him.


“I’m bored at home alone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have decided to go to bed early.”


What Ye Zhi meant was that Gu Ren could freely talk to her whenever he wanted.


Gu Ren obviously had something important to tell her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come to her at this hour if it wasn’t. However, Gu Ren seemed to think that she had washed up and was about to go to bed.


In the next second, looking from Ye Zhi’s perspective, she saw Gu Ren’s eyes lit up a bit, like broken stars in the dark night.

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