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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 123

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The curvature of Gu Ren’s lips deepened and it could be seen that he was in a good mood now.


“I have something to show you.”


Ye Zhi was startled, “What is it?”


Gu Ren didn’t give an immediate reply and just uttered one word in a gentle tone.




She followed Gu Ren down the stairs and walked a little until they stopped in front of a room “Close your eyes and wait for a surprise.”


Ye Zhi completely believed in Gu Ren. After hearing his instruction, she closed her eyes obediently with no intention of peeking.


When Ye Zhi closed her eyes, her surroundings also dimmed and there seemed to be a halo in that blackness. In the darkness, she felt Gu Ren walk next to her.


There seemed to be a shadow around her. Even with her eyes closed, it couldn’t be ignored. Ye Zhi unconsciously held her breath. When she discovered it was just Gu Ren, she immediately exhaled carefully.


When she took in some air again, Gu Ren’s voice rang in her ears.


“Give me your hand.”


Ye Zhi turned her head to the direction where he was standing. She subconsciously wanted to open her eyes to peek, but was caught by Gu Ren.


“Don’t peek.”


Ye Zhi closed her eyes again with a guilty conscience and the next second her hand touched something. Gu Ren held her hand.


“I’m afraid you’ll fall down. I’ll take you to see.”


This action instantly evoked Ye Zhi’s memories. She remembered that the last time when there was a power outage at home, she also held Gu Ren’s hand and led him back to the room.


At that time, she didn’t feel anything.But now that the position was changed, Ye Zhi suddenly felt nervous. Ye Zhi’s body also stiffened and she didn’t know if Gu Ren had noticed the sudden drop in the temperature of her palms.


At this moment, she and Gu Ren seemed to be very close to each other and she once again smelled his scent.




Ye Zhi was being led by Gu Ren and she took a few steps forward. She heard the sound of the door handle being twisted. Because she couldn’t see, she only took short steps and Gu Ren moved along in her pace.


Ye Zhi felt that she had entered the room. Gu Ren who was next to her stopped and so did she.


In the next second, the warmth on her hands disappeared and Gu Ren’s voice sounded again.


“You can open your eyes.”


Ye Zhi opened her eyes slowly and she was soon surprised by the scene in front of her.


She had never entered this room before, but she knew it was definitely not like this.


The room was very large and the walls had been transformed into a grid for storing bags. Ye Zhi saw the bag that Gu Ren’s mother, Qin Ting, gave her in one of the grids.


Qin Ting often gave gifts to Ye Zhi, but she couldn’t carry them out for now. Ye Zhi didn’t even open their packages because of it.


The other wall was supposed to be used for shoes and was also separated by a grid.


There was also a wall for putting clothes on. There were already hangers on walls, but they were empty as of now, waiting for her to fill them up.


It seemed that the sounds coming from downstairs these days were all because of this. The workers she saw were busy remodeling this room.


This room was the largest on the first floor and it was simply too extravagant to be used as a cloakroom. Ye Zhi had also seen the episode of Sheng Man’s show in which her cloakroom was featured.


This room was even bigger than Sheng Man’s cloakroom.

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