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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 124

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Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi’s dazed appearance. With a smile in his eyes, he suddenly said, “Ye Zhi, you have to do me a favor.”


She turned her head to look at Gu Ren, “What favor?”


His gaze lingered on Ye Zhi for a while. Then his eyes narrowed a little and his expression became a little serious.


With the thought that something had happened to Gu Ren, she was about to continue asking.


But then, putting on a serious look on his face, Gu Ren said in a plausible tone, “Fill this cloakroom.”


Ye Zhi’s hand shook and her feet trembled. She felt that she needed to drink a glass of cold water to calm herself down, and since when did Gu Ren like to joke with her? She said in a hesitant tone, “I have bought so many things. Do you think that it has many effects?”


Unlike Ye Zhi’s uncertain attitude, Gu Ren’s voice was firm as if he had recognized this fact. “The accident that happened before has never happened again. What do you think?”


She reckoned what happened during this period and felt that it was indeed the case. Since she spent money on herself, Gu Ren had really been safe.


Gu Ren: “Moreover, me becoming Armani’s global spokesperson may have something to do with the money you spent in Paris.”


When the Armani official announced that Gu Ren became Armani’s global spokesperson, Ye Zhi did not link the two things together.


After she heard of the news, her first reaction was that Gu Ren was so good and it was normal to get such an endorsement.


Seeing Ye Zhi’s blank expression, he suddenly thought of what she had asked earlier.


Since from the beginning to the present, Ye Zhi’s attitude was still doubtful. She wasn’t sure and couldn’t believe whether she was his destined person.


Ye Zhi was also unsure whether her spending could reverse his destiny. She was always worried that everything she had done was useless.


Thinking of this, Gu Ren added another sentence, “If you continue to spend money, maybe it will bring me more luck.”


With this, Ye Zhi naturally agreed. She thought of finding some time to complete the task Gu Ren gave her, but she didn’t expect him to be a step ahead of her.


Next morning, the doorbell rang when Ye Zhi had just finished her breakfast and was in the living room sitting while slowly drinking juice.


The steward seemed to know who was coming and opened the door.


In the next second, a group of shop assistants wearing the same uniform walked in from outside. They went to Ye Zhi and stood in front of her in two rows. Every shop assistant was holding a unique style bag in their hands.


Ye Zhi didn’t know what happened. She stared at the people in front of her. From their posture it seemed that they were here to specially serve her.


The housekeeper saw Ye Zhi’s doubts and immediately explained everything to her. “The young master has bought a lot of things for you. You are now Chanel’s VVVIP.”


She was shocked by Gu Ren’s big spending. He had just asked her to buy a bag last night, and today, Chanel’s bags were delivered to the door. Ye Zhi was still sitting on the sofa and the Chanel store manager was introducing every bag to her.


Some bags were not even available for sale yet. They were the latest models, but they were delivered directly to Ye Zhi’s home for her to choose. Some bags were limited edition which couldn’t be bought even if one had money. However, even those limited editions were delivered to Ye Zhi. As long as Ye Zhi wanted it, she could keep it.

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