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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 125

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There was also a Chanel bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld, inspired by ancient Egypt.


While listening to the store manager’s meticulous introduction, Ye Zhi would then look carefully at the bags held by shop assistants.


Finally, Ye Zhi pointed to several latest bags, “I want this one, this one, and this one….”


After Ye Zhi finished her selection, the store manager left with the remaining Chanel bags.


Ye Zhi put these newly purchased bags in the cloakroom that Gu Ren had prepared separately for her. The cloakroom was very large and even with the Chanel bag that she just bought, it still felt empty.


For the first time, Ye Zhi felt that there was still a long way to go. It was not easy to fill such a large cloakroom.


If someone else heard Ye Zhi’s heartfelt voice, he would definitely bang his face on the wall in frustration. This was something that many people couldn’t hope for, but Ye Zhi seemed to regard it as an arduous task.


When Ye Zhi was worried about how to choose a beautiful and expensive bag, Gu Ren passed an audition.


In this audition, Gu Ren’s competitors were all very strong, including veteran actors with more seniority than him and the newly promoted A-class actor in the Film Festival of last year.


The competition was fierce. However, Gu Ren’s agent, Cheng Qi, believed in Gu Ren’s capability and believed that the person who would pass the audition this time would be Gu Ren.


While the result was still not announced, Cheng Qi’s heart was still beating hard. He couldn’t calm himself down at all. Only after Gu Ren really got the role, he was relieved.


Cheng Qi was excited beyond words, but Gu Ren still remained calm. His emotions were never revealed.


Cheng Qi patted Gu Ren on the shoulder, “It’s still a while before filming starts. I heard that there are still a few places in the script that need to be refined.”I’ve got a variety show for you. You’re going to be a flight guest.”


Gu Ren had received only a handful of variety shows before and he did not expect Cheng Qi to help him pick up variety shows.


Cheng Qi’s expression suddenly became enigmatic and he smiled twice, “Do you know what this variety show is?”


Gu Ren frowned, “What variety show?”


At this time, there were only the two of them in the office. Cheng Qi didn’t want to keep him waiting in suspense and said directly, “It’s the variety show your wife participated in.”


After speaking, Cheng Qi had the look of ‘you had to thank me’ written on his face. When he first heard the breaking news about Gu Ren’s marriage, he was shocked for several days.


However, that matter was a foregone conclusion. Cheng Qi could only be fully prepared so that when something occured, he could try his best to save the show.


Cheng Qi wanted to do Gu Ren a favor at a little cost. According to his observation, the couple seemed to have no chance of being able to work along with each other at all, so he provided Gu Ren with a chance.


Gu Ren didn’t mean to resist at all. He stood up and patted Cheng Qi on the shoulder and said slowly, “Thank you. I’ll invite you to dinner next time.”


As soon as he said those words, Gu Ren walked to the door, ready to go home.


When Cheng Qi saw Gu Ren’s appearance, he couldn’t control the curvature of his lips and a surprised expression unknowing appeared on his face. It seemed that Gu Ren just hadn’t met the right person before. It turned out that he also had such a day.


Ye Zhi didn’t know that next time she would be shooting the variety show, she would meet Gu Ren as a flight guest.

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