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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 126

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Ye Zhi took her pajamas and was about to go to the bathroom but unexpectedly someone knocked on the door. Generally speaking, the person who knocked on her door was Gu Ren.


Just as she wanted to walk over to open the door, she suddenly noticed the pajamas she was holding and immediately put it away to the side before walking towards the door.


When she was in her pajamas last time, Gu Ren thought that she was going to sleep and wanted to leave and ask his concern the next day. Now, if Gu Ren saw her like this, he would feel that he was bothering her again.


Ye Zhi opened the door and saw Gu Ren who had already changed into light clothes after returning from the outside. Although he had worn simple casual clothes, he still looked very elegant.


Compared with the usual, Gu Ren lacked a bit of his cold temperament, but on the contrary it added a bit of youthfulness.


“I want to ask you for help.” Gu Ren looked down at Ye Zhi, “I want you to teach me how to cook.”


Ye Zhi was startled, “Cooking?” She couldn’t imagine why Gu Ren would cook by himself.


Gu Ren seemed to be amused by her reaction and the corners of his lips rose slightly, “I am going to participate in a show and need to learn some things.”


He didn’t say it clearly and only gave a general idea.


She didn’t ask too much. She never thought that Gu Ren would participate in the same variety show as her and what she taught Gu Ren would be used in this show.


Ye Zhi did not hesitate at all and immediately agreed.


“Of course! I will, but I don’t know if everything is prepared?”


Gu Ren’s lips curled upward slightly, “Everything is ready.”


When Ye Zhi came to the kitchen and looked at the ingredients prepared in front of her, it seemed that Gu Ren was just waiting for her to come down.


Ye Zhi felt Gu Ren coming over and standing beside her. At this time, Gu Ren’s breath seemed to be close and the two seemed close at hand.


His voice rang in her ears, “You only need to teach me a few home-cooked dishes.”


Ye Zhi couldn’t think of what variety show Gu Ren would participate in and needed to learn how to cook for. She chose two relatively simple dishes. “First, let’s have a stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs, and then a soup.”


Ye Zhi gave a general idea about the dish. Gu Ren obediently took a few tomatoes, went to the sink and washed it.


As a teacher, Ye Zhi naturally didn’t do the preparations. Gu Ren personally completed the whole process. Ye Zhi followed Gu Ren and watched him do the preparations.


She was mesmerized by Gu Ren’s hand as he was washing the tomatoes. Until he spoke.


“What’s next?”


Ye Zhi then returned to her senses and began to teach him the next step.


When the steward and the cook smelled the fragrance coming from the kitchen, they immediately went to take a look and saw the young master and the young madam’s back.


They felt that since the young madam appeared, the young master had changed a lot.


The second episode of 《The Leisure Life of a Star》 began to be recorded and the guests came back to the countryside one after another. After the first episode was aired, the effect was very good.


Everyone liked to see the celebrities working in the countryside. Moreover, now that Ye Zhi and Sheng Man were both working together on the same show,, it became even more interesting to watch.


The recording of the second episode soon began.

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