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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 127

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When Ye Zhi and the others arrived in the empty house, they all went to their respective rooms. Ye Zhi glanced at the house that had been vacant for a week. She thought about it, tied up her hair casually, lifted up her sleeves and started cleaning.


She couldn’t stand the dirty house. She picked up the broom to clean the floor and then picked up the cloth to clean the table.


“Ye Zhi’s mysophobia really doesn’t change. Hahaha… I inexplicably found Ye Zhi a little cute.”


“Ye Zhi is too much of a hygienic person. Every time she cleans up on the show, I feel tired and bored.”


“Wasn’t it told that Ye Zhi was lazy before she was found cleaning? She would be scolded if she didn’t do anything. It’s really hard to conduct oneself.”


“Even if it’s scripted, it’s still more pleasing to the eye than watching Sheng Man lying there. It’s better than lazy competition.”


At this time, the camera switched to Sheng Man. She was wearing sunglasses when she arrived this time. Maybe it was because she thought that there was too much dust in the countryside. Even after she arrived in her room, she didn’t take off her sunglasses.


Inside her room, Sheng Man sat there with her Chanel bag placed on the table, opened. She took out a few things. After a while, the table was full of various branded skin care products and cosmetics.


She glanced at the bag and thought that Chanel was going to launch several bags soon and she must be the first to get them.


However, she didn’t know that she was already a step late and the new bag that had not yet been released had already been delivered to Ye Zhi.


She always got her hands on the good stuff first. Thinking of the new Chanel bag she was about to get, she suddenly raised her hand and squinted at the newly made manicure and seemed to be satisfied with her nails. She tilted her hand and continued to look at it from a different angle. She had no intention of standing up and cleaning.


“Shengman was also very compelling. Don’t tell me she is wearing sunglasses? Was she not afraid of tripping and falling when wearing it in broad daylight?”


“She came to the countryside after having a manicure? I have to admire you. The eldest daughter of an affluent family can never be stopped from spending money.”


After Ye Zhi cleaned the room and packed her things, she walked out. Ye Zhi went to the kitchen and looked at the pot. They were going to cook and burn the fire here after some time so it was necessary to wash the pot.


Ye Zhi poured water into the pot and was about to wash the pot. The others were still in the room, but even if they came out and saw her, they wouldn’t pay attention to her.


She worked quietly.


After a while, Xiong Ting came to the kitchen. He came over and asked, “Do you need my help?”


Through the first episode of the show, Xiong Ting’s impression of Ye Zhi had changed a lot. Ye Zhi spoke a few words and was hardworking. She was a person worthy of getting along with.


Ye Zhi was stunned at first but she soon recovered. She turned around and found that it was Xiong Ting. Xiong Ting looked at her and smiled, “I saw firewood behind so I’ll go and chop the firewood first.”


She felt the change in Xiong Ting’s attitude, “Thank you.”


Xiong Ting: “You’re welcome.”


After everyone had sorted out their stuff, the director gathered the guests together and said, “Just like before, we won’t give you money. So everyone has to raise money by themselves.”


The guests knew of this before they came, so they were not surprised this time.

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