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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 128

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The next second, the director added, “Everyone has to use the money they will earn for today to buy ingredients for dinner. We will not provide you with anything.”


When Nanbi heard these words, her expression fell. Raise money yourself? Otherwise, no food? It was really annoying to be here again.


Ye Zhi lowered her head and thought about how to raise money. At this time, the director said, “A mysterious guest will come here tomorrow but I won’t reveal who he is to you all.”


“For now, feel free to form teams to complete the task.”


As soon as the director announced the mission, Nanbi immediately walked to Sheng Man and said energetically, “I will be in your team.”


Following Sheng Man at this time was of course a good way to prove that she and Sheng Man were on the same page. Besides, Sheng Man must have a way to earn money.


When Sheng Man saw Nanbi coming over, she glanced at Ye Zhi with some pride. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “Look, I’m so popular, but you are all alone. How miserable.”


Needless to say, the remaining Xiong Ting and Shan Qian would also soon team up with her so Ye Zhi was destined to be alone.


Ye Zhi didn’t pay attention to Sheng Man and was about to leave alone. Right now, her mind was preoccupied with the thought of ways to earn money.


Just as Ye Zhi was about to turn around, Xiong Ting suddenly said, “Ye Zhi, I’ll follow you.”


Ye Zhi was stunned while Sheng Man was also shocked. Then, Shan Qian looked at Ye Zhi and said, “I will also go earn money with you.”


Sheng Man watched Xiong Ting and Shan Qian ignore her completely and take Ye Zhi’s side directly. The current situation was that Ye Zhi’s group had three people, while her side only had two people.


Ye Zhi smiled, “Okay, we’ll set off some time later.”


Sheng Man was very angry at the moment, but she couldn’t show it.


Nanbi asked Sheng Man, “What are we going to do now?” Although she was also surprised to see Xiong Ting and Shan Qian team up with Ye Zhi, she didn’t care.


Sheng Man suppressed her anger, “Let’s take some things to sell.” This time, she brought a lot of branded products as she didn’t believe that she couldn’t raise money after taking out these products!


Although Nanbi was unwilling to sell her things, since Sheng Man had already spoken, she had to do so even if she felt distressed about it.


Sheng Man took Jimmy Choo high heels, Chloe bag and Burberry shirt, and set off with Nanbi. She arrived at the booth arranged by the program crew. There were stalls selling daily necessities nearby. Next to her was a stand selling shoes.


Sheng Man didn’t even look at the shoes being sold at the stall beside her. She was very confident of the items she had brought. For the villagers, these things were very rare. She could definitely sell them immediately and get a lot of money from it.


Nanbi asked, “How much should we sell them for?” This was a village and the residents here were not that rich, so the price shouldn’t be too high.


Sheng Man thought for a while before answering, “Let’s offer a 50% discount. We can’t sell them for too low. Otherwise, we’ll suffer a lot of losses.” In which, Nanbi agreed.


They had to attract the public’s attention to sell their products as soon as possible. Sheng Man opened her mouth, but couldn’t make herself shout out. In the end, she nudged Nanbi, “You shout.”


Nanbi felt helpless, “Selling quality products. They all are very precious shoes and bags. Come and have a look.”


After a while, a villager finally came over. It was a forty or fifty-year-old woman. She stopped in front of the stall and asked, “What are you selling?”


Sheng Man introduced, “This is Jimmy Choo high heels, this…”

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