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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 129

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The  middle aged lady was not familiar with these brands at all. Moreover, she couldn’t understand English, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”


Sheng Man took a deep breath and said patiently with a smile, “These are very high-end footwears, but we are selling them for only two thousand RMB.”


The aunt frowned, “You are selling a pair of shoes for two thousand?! You girls are not sincere at all!”


Sheng Man tried her best to suppress her impatience, “The original price of these is more than 5,000 RMB but I am selling them for 2,000 which is already a bargain.”


The aunt shook her head, “It’s too expensive.” Then, she turned around and was about to leave.


A customer had finally come after so long, how could Sheng Man let her go easily? She hurriedly stopped her and asked patiently, “Then how much do you think is appropriate?”


Aunt:, “50.”


Sheng Man immediately refused, “No way!”


The aunt frowned, “I think that you haven’t taken a good look at these shoes. Can we work in the field with these shoes?”


Sheng Man was stunned.


The middle aged lady asked again, “Can I feed pigs with these shoes? Can I carry heavy things like rice with these?”


Sheng Man was completely speechless.


The aunt pointed to the next shop, “Look at how practical those shoes are, they are good-looking and durable. A pair costs only 20 RMB.”


Sheng Man looked at the shop suspiciously and suddenly found it difficult to breathe. The shoes in that stall were made of inferior materials: sequins and tacky colors. There were also shoes with flowers embroidered on them. This aunt dared to  compare those shoes with her Jimmy Choo high heels!


She was so angry that her hands were trembling. She watched the aunt go to the next stall, buy a pair of sequined shoes and then leave without looking back.


A lot of comments were posted on the bullet screen. All of them were filled with laughter.


“Hahaha…. I laughed so hard. These villagers are so simple. They really can’t wear those high heels while feeding pigs.”


“Sheng Man will definitely meet with a rebuff. The villagers don’t know about these brands, so even if Sheng Man sells them at a low price, villagers won’t buy them.”


“Look at Sheng Man’s dumbfounded appearance. When has she been left out in the cold like this before? She looks pitiful and angry.”


Sheng Man looked at the unsold Jimmy Choo high-heeled shoes, and then glanced at the Burberry shirt and Chloe bag. Her expression becomes increasingly ugly.


When did she suffer this treatment?


She never expected that she wouldn’t get a single cent even after putting on a humble attitude.


The only thing that comforted her ego was the belief that Ye Zhi definitely also couldn’t make any money.


She was waiting for Ye Zhi to return empty handed.




Ye Zhi, Xiong Ting and Shan Qian set off. Xiong Ting had no idea, “How can we make money in a short time?”


Shan Qian, “I brought some things, but…” He was afraid that the villagers would not buy them.


Ye Zhi stopped and looked at them, “I have an idea. We should sell something that the villagers are familiar with.”


“Such as…”


Ye Zhi answered after thinking for a while, “Mountain grapes.”


Shan Qian was puzzled, “Many villagers should be selling wild grapes now. Will we be able to earn money with it?”


Ye Zhi said, “It will be fine. Just follow me.”


After walking around for some time, Ye Zhi and her group found a family. The villagers had planted some mountain grapes. They agreed that Ye Zhi would help them pick grapes and earnings would be divided in half after selling them.

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