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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 13

T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx

After receiving the Bulgari necklace, Ye Zhi felt guiltier than happy. It was clear that she was the one who was responsible for spending money but, she had been receiving gifts instead.

Ye Zhi didn’t have the mood to wear this necklace at all so she put it in the drawer.

Because Gu Ren was injured recently, Grandfather Gu hired a private doctor to check up on Gu Ren’s injury every few days.

During the examination, Ye Zhi was almost present every time. Although Gu Ren said that the matter had nothing to do with her, Gu Ren was still driving the car she bought . So she still felt responsible somehow.

One week before the shooting of his new TV series, the private doctor came over to check up on Gu Ren.

The doctor’s eyes were puzzled, “Strange, how could your hand heal so fast? It usually takes a while for conditions like this to fully recover.”

Ye Zhi who was sitting aside heard the doctor’s words and felt relieved. Fortunately, it did not delay Gu Ren’s filming.

However, Grandfather Gu’s thoughts were different from those of Ye Zhi’s so he confirmed again and again, “Is everything all right?”

The doctor nodded, “The wound on his hand is completely healed without leaving any trace.”

As soon as the words died down, Ye Zhi felt someone’s gaze on her. She turned around and found that Grandfather Gu was staring at her with a smile.

Ye Zhi thought to herself, ‘Grandpa Gu is not thinking that it is my doing, right? His recovery really has nothing to do with me. After I sent the Lamborghini, didn’t Gu Ren have a car accident right away?’

Ye Zhi’s guess was right. Grandfather Gu really thought that the rapid healing of Gu Ren’s injury had something to do with Ye Zhi.

Grandfather Gu looked at Ye Zhi with a happy face. “It seemed that the fortune teller was right. He must give Ye Zhi more pocket money.”

Ye Zhi, who was just silently sitting on the side, wasn’t aware of Grandfather Gu’s thoughts. After sending Grandfather Gu and the private doctor, she didn’t immediately go back to her and went to Gu Ren’s room instead.

After all the people left, Gu Ren couldn’t help but lean on the back of the chair. Whether his hand was healed or not, it would not affect his mood. He looked at the script placed on the table and read it carefully.

Hearing the footsteps of Ye Zhi, Gu Ren lifted his gaze at her.

Ye Zhi didn’t enter the room but leaned on the door and talked to Gu Ren, “I’m going to be in your film crew.”

Meaning, they would meet each other on the set.

Gu Ren understood Ye Zhi’s concerns so he answered in a clear voice, “You don’t have to worry; we will pretend to be strangers when outside.”

“At home, you are Mrs. Gu; outside, we are strangers.”

Ye Zhi also thought so, she nodded, “Okay.”

Gu Ren’s black obsidian eyes stared at Ye Zhi and the end of his mouth curved upwards slightly, “So far, we have cooperated very well. Am I right, Mrs. Gu?”

It was clear that Gu Ren had no feelings for Ye Zhi, but when the words “Mrs. Gu” were uttered by him; it had a different vibe to it.

Ye Zhi smiled, “Well then Mr. Gu, may we have happy cooperation.”

Gu Ren raised an eyebrow,”Happy cooperation, Mrs. Gu.”

Today was the first day of filming for the TV series. After Gu Ren left, Ye Zhi slowly went downstairs to go to the location.

As soon as Ye Zhi stepped out of the elevator, she saw the outside scenery through the glass wall. A black Rolls-Royce was parked not far away from the front door.

However, this had nothing to do with Ye Zhi. Ye Zhi had never taken these luxuries to heart. She avoided the pathway and was going to take a taxi to the studio.

After taking a few steps, the sound of the car starting came from behind. Ye Zhi subconsciously retreated to one side, but the Rolls-Royce slowly followed.

Without waiting for Ye Zhi’s response, the Rolls Royce stopped beside her, as if waiting for her to get in.

The door of the driver’s seat was pushed open and a middle-aged man in his early forties stepped down from the car and stood respectfully in front of Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi looked at the man warily.

The man went over Ye Zhi, opened the door of the back seat and made a please-get-in gesture, “Ma’am, this is the car assigned to you by the Gu family. Starting today, I will take you to the studio.”

When Ye Zhi sat in the car, she calmed down. There was no 18th-line star who went to the studio in Rolls Royce yet.

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