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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 130

Edited By Nyx

“Sheng Man has already failed. She can’t sell any of her high-end products. How can Ye Zhi raise money?”


“Ye Zhi will definitely make a fool of herself. There are lots who are selling mountain grapes. Why will customers want to buy Ye Zhi’s mountain grapes?”


“Maybe Ye Zhi will give us a surprise. Let’s have a look.”


Ye Zhi and the others took the mountain grapes they had picked and went to the stall. The table assigned to Ye Zhi by the show crew happened to be a wooden table.


Although the table was a bit old-fashioned, it looked a bit retro after Xiong Ting wiped it clean.


Xiong Ting looked around. There were many fruit and vegetable sellers nearby and quite a few of them were selling mountain grapes. Xiong Ting and Shan Qian were both a little worried. How could they sell their grapes?


Contrary to their anxiousness, Ye Zhi was very calm and took out the box she had cleaned earlier. There were some fruit patterns printed on it. Ye Zhi took out the grapes and put them in the box one after another.


Ye Zhi was just wearing  a simple T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was casually tied up into a ponytail and the ends of her hair were hanging on the shoulder.


Her snow white face looked especially beautiful under the sheen of the sun, especially with a few strands of black hair swaying with the wind.


She had her head lowered as she was placing the grapes carefully. Her beautiful snow-white hands were handling the dark-colored grapes gently as if they were some sort of invaluable thing.


Everything could be summed up in one word, beautiful.


From this scenario, if someone ignored the noisy environment around them, they would think that this was not in a market, but rather in a movie.


After all, Ye Zhi’s every action was too beautiful to watch.


“You can’t sell grapes by just relying on your appearance alone. Otherwise, how would Sheng Man fail? Ye Zhi’s plan is a bit worrying.”


“Although she is really a bit beautiful, it’s not a good thing to rely on just looks.”


Shan Qian helped Ye Zhi arrange the grapes and put them in a nice box. Compared with other villagers who displayed the grapes on the stall casually, their presentation was really clean and beautiful to look at.


While helping, Shan Qian asked Ye Zhi of his doubts.


Ye Zhi looked at Shan Qian and said calmly, “Can you handle the negotiating?” Xiong Ting and Shan Qian looked at each other in dismay and then shook their heads blankly.


Ye Zhi, “It’s okay. You watch me do it.”


After a while, a young woman walked over with her daughter. The little girl simply looked at Ye Zhi and came to see this beautiful older sister from close.


The woman glanced at the grapes in the boxes and found that they were indeed quite better compared to others. The woman asked how much of the grapes and Ye Zhi quoted a price which seemed to be slightly higher than the others.


The young woman didn’t want to buy it anymore, but the little girl still looked at the table without moving and then looked at Ye Zhi from time to time.


Ye Zhi noticed the little girl’s expression. She bent down slightly with a bright smile on her snow-white face, “Kid, are you made of candy?”


The little girl looked at Ye Zhi blankly.


Ye Zhi winked at the little girl. Her lips curled upward more and more as she said gently, “Otherwise, why is your smile so sweet?”


As Ye Zhi spoke, she picked up a grape and placed it gently on the palm of the little girl’s hand.


Ye Zhi said again, “Try it, is this grape as sweet as you?”


The little girl’s face turned red on getting complimented. She suddenly didn’t dare to look at the beautiful older sister in front of her. She peeled the grape skin and put it in her mouth.


Sweetness filled the little girl’s taste buds. The little girl glanced at Ye Zhi shyly and then pulled her mother’s sleeve.


She pointed to the grapes and said, “Mom, the grape is very sweet. I want to buy this.”

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