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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 131

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“Oh my god, Ye Zhi’s smile is so sweet. I can’t stand it at all when she smiles!”


“Did I have a drink today? Otherwise, why would I feel drunk when I saw Ye Zhi’s smile.”


“Great insight coupled with great strategy… Who can resist that smile? If I was there, I would have also rushed to buy it!”


Ye Zhi also handed a few grapes to the girl’s mother. The woman also had a taste and found that they were really sweet. Moreover, her daughter was praised so she was in a good mood. In the end, she bought 1½ kilograms  of grapes.


That’s how they earned their first sum of money.


“Ye Zhi’s words are very sweet. If I were that little girl, I would have bought all the grapes!”


“How awesome. It seems that Ye Zhi is determined to win today. I also want to be praised by this beautiful little sister!”


When Xiong Ting and Shan Qian saw that someone had bought grapes from them so soon, it came as a surprise—a very pleasant surprise. They understood that Ye Zhi had a way to sell these grapes.


At this time, a young girl came over who was a fan of Sheng Man. When she saw her idol selling things, she wanted to go and help her.


However, things didn’t go as planned. When she asked Sheng Man about the price, Sheng Man acted very impatiently. She quoted a price and then ignored her.


The girl felt a little sad. Why did her idol treat her that way? It was very different from what she had imagined.


The girl walked forward dejectedly and unconsciously passed by Ye Zhi’s stall. Unexpectedly, someone stopped her. When she looked back, it turned out to be Ye Zhi.


She was a fan of Sheng Man so she naturally knew that Ye Zhi and Sheng Man didn’t go along well with each other. The girl’s expression was a bit complicated.


Ye Zhi saw that the girl was in a bad mood. She handed several grapes to the girl and said in a gentle tone, “You must be a fairy, aren’t you?”


The girl was stunned as she looked at Ye Zhi whose eyes seemed to be filled with warmth. This scene quietly hit the girl’s heart.


Ye Zhi’s eyes curled in a gentle arc, “Because my heart melts when I see you.”


The girl felt as if all the unhappiness in her heart was gone. She looked at Ye Zhi and said softly, “I’ll buy 2½ kilos of grapes.”


Ye Zhi did not know that she unknowingly gained a fan.


In just a short period of time, Ye Zhi and the others already sold 4 kilos of grapes.


Shan Qian and Xiong Ting began to learn from her and they also started to be a smooth talker..  Their grapes were sold more and more.


On the other hand, Sheng Man was compelled to lower her price to 60 RMB and barely sold the pair of Jimmy Choo high heels. She felt like crying, but if she didn’t lower the price then she wouldn’t earn a penny.


In the eyes of villagers, the Burberry shirt she brought was no different from other clothes. Moreover, normal clothes could even be used as a tablecloth.


In the end, Sheng Man only sold one pair of high heels and got 60 RMB.


When the time was up, the guests returned to the house and gave the money they earned to the director. After Sheng Man paid the money, she glanced at Ye Zhi, wanting to know if Ye Zhi had won.


Nanbi said worriedly, “Is our money too little?” While Sheng Man’s face sank.


The director counted the money and looked at Ye Zhi in surprise. After that, he looked at Sheng Man and suddenly had a bad premonition. The next second, the director announced the result.


Ye Zhi made a few hundred RMB in total while Sheng Man only made 60 RMB, not even a fraction of what Ye Zhi had earned!

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