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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 132

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Sheng Man looked at Ye Zhi with disbelief. She actually lost to Ye Zhi!


However, the live broadcast was still going on so she could only suppress her anger down. Her expression was extremely ugly.


At this time, the director said, “Today’s dinner will be handled by the groups separately by using the money they had just earned.”


Handled by the groups separately?


Comparing the earnings of Sheng Man and Nanbi’s group with that of Ye Zhi, they didn’t even have a fraction of Ye Zhi’s earnings. They couldn’t have a decent dinner at all.


Moreover, neither Sheng Man nor Nanbi knew how to cook. If they didn’t want to rely on Ye Zhi, they couldn’t make dinner by themselves even if they managed to buy the ingredients.


Nanbi had been busy all day so she was already very tired. On top of that, she had hardly sold anything, which alone made her physically and mentally exhausted.


For the first time, Nanbi felt that having Ye Zhi as a partner might be much better than being with Sheng Man. Even if Sheng Man’s family had money, what else could she do other than having her wealth?


Even though she had a bad impression of Ye Zhi, she couldn’t even eat dinner after partnering with Sheng Man.


Sheng Man always had an arrogant expression on her face. Even after hearing what the director said, nothing could be discerned from her cold expression.


However, Nanbi was different. As the filming of the show progressed, the smile on her face was getting less and less frequent.


After the director finished speaking, Ye Zhi turned to look at Shan Qian and Xiong Ting and discussed something with them in a low voice for a while.


After their short discussion, Ye Zhi said, “Director, how about both our groups deal with dinner together?”


If the two groups shared their dinner together, one could tell at a glance who profited the most. After all, Sheng Man’s group didn’t make much money at all. Almost all the money used to buy for this dinner came from Ye Zhi.


Nanbi smiled sincerely, but Sheng Man’s expression was still cold and didn’t seem like she had heard any good news at all.


Ye Zhi was the only one who could cook among these guests. Almost all of today’s dinner would be made by Ye Zhi and the others would give her a hand.


“We can cook more dishes today since we have more ingredients compared before.”


With the money earned by Ye Zhi’s group, the guests selected several kinds of fresh vegetables and meat. Ye Zhi also remembered the dishes everyone mentioned before that they wanted to eat and began to cook everything.


The fragrance soon wafted in the kitchen. The meat on the frying pan was sizzling while soup was boiling in the pot beside it. All kinds of food fragrance occupied the entire kitchen.


Even the staff members standing on the side also looked at her repeatedly. They all wanted to know how Ye Zhi made such a delicious meal without putting in extra seasonings.


Xiong Ting and Shan Qian were looking forward to dinner. Last time, Ye Zhi was able to turn an ordinary wild vegetable into a porridge that was so delicious. Let alone now that they had even better ingredients.


Nanbi was also helping with the washing and cutting of vegetables. Everyone was happy except for one person.


Sheng Man.


Sheng Man felt that it was already benevolent of her to eat the food cooked by Ye Zhi. It was already the biggest face she could give. Now, she still needed to lend a hand during the preparation? It was absolutely impossible!

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