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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 133

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The other guests gathered around the kitchen, but Sheng Man stood far away—neither approaching nor leaving.


Nanbi saw Sheng Man’s attitude and didn’t want to take initiative to please her.


Nanbi pretended not to see anything while other people would not bother to coax Sheng Man. In this way, Sheng Man seemed to be isolated.


When Ye Zhi first arrived, she was faintly separated by other guests. It was only the recording of the second episode of the show but the situation had completely reversed so soon.


Moreover, all of this stems out from Sheng Man’s own actions of courting disaster. Since she was unwilling to get along with other people, why would everyone have to coax her for everything?


For the first time, the bullet screen in the live broadcast began to have more comments praising Ye Zhi, as well as showing dissatisfaction with Sheng Man.


“Ye Zhi seems to be pretty good. Sheng Man and Nanbi don’t agree with her at first sight but she still shared her food with them.”


“Isn’t Ye Zhi the rival of Sheng Man? Doesn’t Sheng Man feel bad when she eats food cooked by Ye Zhi?”


“Sheng Man is just lazing around. She wants to have dinner without doing anything. She really thinks that she can do whatever she wants with money.”


“If I were Ye Zhi, I couldn’t stand people like Sheng Man. No wonder Sheng Man had targeted Ye Zhi before, Ye Zhi is really better than her so she should not have found Ye Zhi pleasing to her eyes.”


Only God knew if there were more people supporting Ye Zhi this time, or if Sheng Man’s fans also felt that her actions were unreasonable. Whatever the case might be, but the comments saying that Sheng Man was not good did not immediately get pushed down.


After Ye Zhi and the others finished their dinner, the director announced something.


“There will be two mysterious guests coming tomorrow. I won’t reveal their names for now. Everyone will come to know them when they arrive tomorrow.”


The director gave a hint, “One was a man and the other was a woman. You all must know them well.”


All the guests were at a loss. No one expected that one of the guests who would come tomorrow was Gu Ren.


Even Ye Zhi,who was one of the closest to Gu Ren, was kept in the dark, let alone others.


When everyone was speculating, Sheng Man retired to her room early. She was so angry that she only ate a little. She had no intention of discussing who the guests tomorrow would be.


On the other end, Yue Ling was preparing for the show. In addition to Gu Ren, the second guest was her.


One of the reasons why Yue Ling accepted this variety show was because her contract with the company was about to expire, and the company no longer praised her as before.


The projects she had been receiving were getting less and less, and the time to renew the contract would soon be coming. She hoped to raise her worth even more in the remaining time.


When the time came to renew her contract, she could sign a contract that was more beneficial to her.


When Yue Ling first joined the company, her agent had reminded her that she shouldn’t think of becoming popular quickly by using Gu Ren to hype.


At that time, Gu Ren had already gained a high popularity. It would undoubtedly be a successful hype to tie up with him.


Even if Yue Ling succeeded in improving her popularity by doing so, she would be criticized by Gu Ren’s fans.


Yue Ling obediently followed her agent’s advice and kept a distance from Gu Ren.


However, now Yue Ling didn’t think so. Her contract was about to expire soon and she must use all methods at her disposal to further boost her popularity.

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