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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 134

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Even after using Gu Ren for hype so many times, nothing bad happened to Ye Zhi at all. In fact, she even succeeded in increasing her popularity.


Since Ye Zhi could do this, why couldn’t she? She had to try it herself first to know the result.


Moreover, there was another reason why Yue Ling hated Ye Zhi. She got blacklisted by a certain designer brand, after Ye Zhi appeared at a red carpet event wearing their latest dress.


Wasn’t it ironic? Yue Ling couldn’t think how Ye Zhi was better than her.


Now, she had to compete with Ye Zhi to prove that the brand’s decision was completely wrong.


Meanwhile, Gu Ren had also just arrived at the hotel near the shooting site. He was waiting for the start of tomorrow’s shooting.



The next day, all guests got up early and began to wait for the arrival of the mysterious guests.


While the guests were looking forward to it, the bullet screen was also filled with comments related to flying guests. After all, they hadn’t heard any information about surprise guests appearing. So they were very curious to see who was going to come.


“I bet it is going to a celebrity that everyone knows, they definitely are not going to bring in a small one. Maybe it is Dong Fan? I remember that he said he wanted to participate.”


“Is it Song Lie? Song Lie is also very popular recently. It is quite possible, right?”


“If it’s Expert Gu, I won’t roast this show anymore. It will be interesting to see Gu Ren, Ye Zhi and Sheng Man participating in the same show.”


Following the discussion of netizens, a black car drove over from the end of the road and finally came to a slow stop in front of the group of guests.


When the car door opened, the first thing that caught everyone’s eyes was a pair of slender legs, a simple black shirt, and  a cold but handsome appearance.


At that moment, everyone present had only one thought.


Everyone was insignificant and reduced to background noise as Gu Ren was the only one left in their eyes.


After a brief moment of silence, Gu Ren broke the tension.


“Hello, everyone. I’m Gu Ren.”


Even after Gu Ren’s voice fell, everyone wasn’t able to come back to their senses. It was very hard for them to believe that the mysterious guest mentioned by the director was Gu Ren.


Gu Ren and Xiong Ting had worked together before. Xiong Ting had a very good impression of Gu Ren and they had always kept in touch afterwards.


Xiong Ting stepped forward and patted Gu Ren’s shoulder with a smile: “Gu Ren, great to see you!”


Shan Qian was a newcomer. In the process of learning acting, he had always regarded Gu Ren as his idol and studied Gu Ren’s acting skills.


The moment, when Shan Qian saw Gu Ren, he unconsciously became really excited.


Nanbi left the house at dawn because she had an itinerary, but if she knew that Gu Ren was coming, she would have stayed no matter what.


Only one person present had a different mentality than the rest, which was Ye Zhi.


Ye Zhi was shocked beyond words. Gu Ren never mentioned that he was going to participate in a variety show.


More accurately speaking, Gu Ren had mentioned it to her, but he didn’t tell which specific show. She even taught Gu Ren how to cook a few home-cooked dishes, which turned out they were going to be used here.


Ye Zhi knew that everything was being live broadcasted and her behavior would be recorded by the cameras. Ye Zhi was afraid that her reaction when she saw Gu Ren would be discovered by netizens so she immediately lowered her head.


While Gu Ren was greeting other guests, he was also paying attention to Ye Zhi’s every move. He naturally saw Ye Zhi lower her head as if she was trying to avoid him.


Ye Zhi’s reaction was within Gu Ren’s expectation. He even had a little smile in his eyes because of Ye Zhi’s action. The smile in his eyes deepened next moment.

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