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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 135

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Shortly after Gu Ren’s gaze left Ye Zhi, the warmth in his eyes sharply receded, as if it was just an illusion to begin with.


Not long after, another car drove in from the entrance of the village. Yue Ling got out of the car and greeted everyone with a friendly smile.


Even when she saw Ye Zhi, Yue Ling still smiled sweetly. She wouldn’t show her dislike for Ye Zhi in public.


The bullet screen almost exploded from the overwhelming amount of comments, caused by the arrival of Gu Ren and Yue Ling. However, most of the comments focused on Gu Ren, with only a few people discussing Yue Ling appearing on the show.


“Oh my God, my idol has really come! I’m not dreaming, am I?”


“I hope that Ye Zhi will wise up and doesn’t try to use Gu Ren for hype. Let’s continue watching the show for now.”


“Ye Zhi doesn’t seem to have any intention of scamming Gu Ren so don’t rush to any conclusion. I hope that Ye Zhi keeps it up.”


Gu Ren stood directly next to Xiong Ting while Ye Zhi was standing at the farthest end from Gu Ren. He was even unable to see her or chat.


Ye Zhi was standing there from the very beginning so even if she moved a little further away, it would not arouse any suspicion of netizens.


However, Yue Ling was different. The main reason she came on this show was to meet Gu Ren. She was afraid that her agent would not agree to it, so she didn’t tell  her agent that she picked up this variety show.


After Yue Ling saw Gu Ren just standing around still, she quickly glanced at all the guests before walking straight towards Gu Ren’s side to stand next to him.


Yue Ling thought that it would be alright to stand together as she and Gu Ren were originally from the same company so she wouldn’t be scolded for trying to use Gu Ren to hype.


Yue Ling’s thought was spot on. When netizens noticed this scene, they did not feel that she was trying to hype, but some netizens still felt uncomfortable.


The director spoke.


“Since there are two new guests, we will have to form new groups. First, let’s get the female guests to play a small game of spinning and the fastest two can choose their teammates first.”


What the director said was just in line with Yue Ling’s wishes. She had to win this game.


There were a total of three female guests, Ye Zhi, Sheng Man and Yue Ling.


The girls spread out several meters apart. The rules of the game was each person needed to spin in a circle while staying on the same spot. Whoever finished it first has the right to choose their partner first.


This was not a difficult game for Ye Zhi as she was learning to dance.


When Yue Ling heard the rules of the game, she looked at Ye Zhi. She had specially read Ye Zhi’s information before. She clearly remembered the Sheng Man’s dancing incident.


She knew that Ye Zhi could dance very well so such a small game was going to be very easy for her.


Sheng Man didn’t like this kind of game because she thought that it was beneath her status to compete with others. However, it would be a great chance to get closer to Gu Ren.


At that moment, all three of the female guests were subconsciously thinking of winning for all sorts of reasons.


As the whistle blew, the girls started to spin at the same time.


Unsurprisingly, Ye Zhi was the fastest among them. The range of her feet’s rotation was contained to where she stood. She turned very fast, but her figure showed no signs of instability.


Sheng Man, who was the slowest among them, had never played such a game before. So her movements were so awkward that everyone could tell she would lose without any doubt.

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