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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 136

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Yue Ling was much better than Sheng Man, but her body slowly leaned more and more in the direction of Ye Zhi. She couldn’t control her figure as she was spinning in circles. Although the distance between her and Ye Zhi had been shortening, it seemed normal.


However just when Ye Zhi was about to finish her last circle, Yue Ling bumped into her. Which caused Ye Zhi to tilt to the side and stopped spinning, while Yue Ling was able to finish her last two turns.


Ye Zhi lost and Yue Ling won.


After Ye Zhi got bumped into, she immediately stabilized her figure and insisted on finishing the last lap.


The moment when Yue Ling bumped into Ye Zhi, Gu Ren’s eyes suddenly turned cold. His whole body seemed to be wrapped in the block of ice, so cold that it made people think twice before approaching him.


Gu Ren frowned as his fingers hanging on his side moved slightly. He subconsciously wanted to grab hold of Ye Zhi, but his last shred of reasoning pulled him back. He realized that this was a live show.


Gu Ren originally had an indifferent expression, but now it was colder than before by a few degrees.


Fortunately, Gu Ren was standing some distance away from the action so even if he was caught by the camera, it wouldn’t reveal anything.


Yue Ling watched Ye Zhi stand up and immediately stepped forward with a smile: “Sorry, I got dizzy and accidentally bumped into you.”


Yue Ling smiled and spoke sincerely, as if she had been careless just now.


However, how could Ye Zhi not tell whether Yue Ling did it on purpose or not? She also smiled back: “It’s okay, I will remember to stand further away next time.”


Yue Ling thought that Ye Zhi would get angry on the spot. However when she was countered by Ye Zhi’s words instead, she could only nod her head: “I will also pay more attention next time.”


Last time when Yue Ling saw Ye Zhi, she was wearing a limited edition dress, Yue Ling guessed that Ye Zhi must have a backer. Otherwise, how else did that dress get into Ye Zhi’s hands?


However, Ye Zhi’s backer couldn’t affect netizens’ impression of Ye Zhi. She was very infamous. Even if Yue Ling bumped into Ye Zhi, no one would speak on behalf of her.


However, Yue Ling was in the wrong this time. Netizens had a bad impression of Ye Zhi because she tried to use Gu Ren for hype and caused him many inconveniences. But now that she didn’t use such a method, netizens hopefully would not cause her trouble.


Besides, who was Yue Ling? How could she fool so many fans of Gu Ren’s fans?


“Did Yue Ling do it deliberately? I found her glance at Ye Zhi when the game started.”


“Originally, I was appreciating Ye Zhi’s spins but I didn’t expect her to be bumped into. Ye Zhi still insisted on completing the task and was not angry at all.”


“My impression of Ye Zhi changed a lot this time. Yue Ling is desperately trying to win. She seems to want to select Gu Ren as her team mate.”


The director turned a blind eye to Yue Ling’s behavior and didn’t dredge on it. Anyway, this drama would make the show worth watching.


Director: “Yue Ling and Ye Zhi will be the leaders of the two groups. Yue Ling completed the spinning first so Yue Ling will select the team members first.”


Since Ye Zhi and Yue Ling won the first two places, Sheng Man was left behind and became the loser and would have to be picked by one of them.


Compared with Sheng Man’s foul expression, Ye Zhi was quite calm. She looked at Yue Ling and finally realised why Yue Ling bumped her.

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